How to Manifest Using Water Correctly & Manifest Anything You Want With The Law Of Attraction🤑

Abundant Living – Top 10 Reasons Why a Partnership With God is Critical!

Is your life a far cry from abundance? Do the struggles and hardships of life have you ready to throw in the towel? Discover the top 10 reasons why your partnership with God can manifest the abundant life!

Attracting Abundance – Positive Thinking For the Entrepreneur

Success as an entrepreneur seems elusive to many who run their own businesses, but it’s really only as close or far as one imagines. If you are working for yourself and feeling like success is out of your reach, that very thought may be the one that is keeping you from reaching those lofty goals.

Baby Steps Lead to Quantum Leaps

We all have accomplishments that we can be proud of. Yet, if you’re like me, I have stared some of my greatest results in the face with complete exhaustion, overwhelm, and stress.

Don’t Wait

There are so many ways to make money in this world its crazy; you name it, the sky is the limit. I’m talking about legal money; someone could start businesses with almost no out of pocket expense. For others it will cost deep into the thousands.

The Law of Attraction – The Way to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Surely by now you have heard of the Law of Attraction. The movie, The Secret, has been in the market for a while now and I’d say it was the starting point towards letting everyone know about the Law of Attraction and how it works in its simplest terms…I think it is a great way to start learning about the topic, but it is still the commercial version. Therefore key elements were left out that can prevent you from actually being able to manifest your dreams.

The Bible – Money, Abundance, and Prosperity – A Christian Approach

What does the Bible say about money, finances, and prosperity? The gospel is clear that God is our source and supply. Jesus said not to worry about our life, but seek first the kingdom of God.

Get the Secret to Attracting Money With Dr Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale says you’re “either attracting wealth or attracting poverty, there is no other option.” Which end of the stick are you holding?

Prosperity Scriptures and the Life You Can Have

Have you ever wondered if it was God’s plan to humble you through poverty and sickness? Stop wondering right now. This article shows you scriptures that prove what God really wants to bring in your life- abundance and prosperity.

Is Your Year Half Full Or Half Empty?

7 Tips to Make 2009 Your Best Year Yet. We just passed the half-way point of 2009 and are half-way closer to 2010, summer is upon us. To get the most out of your vacation so that you can make 2009 your best year yet, keep in mind the following tips 7 tips…

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