How to Manifest Winning the Lottery (WARNING: It Works for Real!)

Success Vs Significance

Our lives are comprised of non-stop activity. We are here, we go there, we are home late, we are up early, we are striving for more, unsettled with less, we want it our way, in our timing, and in the way the we see best, but are we really making traction? Are we really apart of something that has more meaning than just the presentation of being busy? Or are we striving so hard each and everyday to simply look successful vs. actually being successful from an internal position? What if we could have both? Would you be ready to live into a life that generates financial success AND a sense of significance?

The Secret to Creating More Opportunities in Life

You may not know it, but opportunities exist all around us all of the time. Whether or not you act on them is a different story altogether. Here are a few tips to help you see the potential that is already there.

Your Money Story, Magnetic or True North?

You have the power to make substantial changes toward achieving your financial goals. Often, ingrained perceptions affect our lives, our businesses, and our prosperity. Find out how you can change your perspective and make a positive impact on your wealth.

Growing Prosperity – How Can the Power of Patience Help You Prosper?

How would you like to pick-up your prosperity at the drive-through? In this fast paced world, it seems we expect to get everything we want instantly. Well find out how the power of patience can help you prosper!

Rethinking Abundance and Positive Thinking

Amongst my many linguistic pet peeves is the word “abundance.” Aside from the fact that it is so ubiquitously used in New Age circles, it really irks me that it is so often used in association with spirituality.

The 11 Subsidiary Laws

Many people have heard of The Secret but did you know that The Secret (The Law of Attraction) is really just one of 11 Laws? The Law of Attraction is incomplete without applying ALL the other Laws!

Your Prosperity is Sure!

Good news! Yes good news. The good news is that your prosperity is sure in God and it is forever settled in heaven.

Focusing Your Energy For Increased Abundance

It’s never too late to change direction – no matter how far we have traveled upon our current path. Have you ever set a goal and begun working toward it, only to realize a short time later that you weren’t enjoying the process and you were quickly losing the motivation to keep going?

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