How To Overcome Life’s Obstacles

Turbo-Visualization To Achieve Your Potential

You can positively program yourself to be successfull. I have researched the mind talk factors and way of thinking that is required to achieve your potential and become successful in whatever area you choose. I explain the importance of optimism and give you a simple technique to continually boosting your self-esteem and confidence by using self-talk. I then goes on to explain how effective goal setting requires you to have flexible goals where you adapt to obstacles and opportunities. I explain how you need to have an abundance mentality before you can believe you should take advantage of all opportunities. It also covers harnessing jealousy to your advantage. I have designed a program that includes guided visualizations using metaphor and hypotic language which you can use to program yourself to become successful using these patterns.

Dear American, Take Nothing for Granted

The other day, I was talking to a friend who was actually born in a Third World country. Today she is an American, a legal citizen, and she is enjoying her life. Because she was born in this Third World country and grew up in there in her teenage years before they came to the United States she has been a little bit disconcerted with how Americans complain about so many things. She told me that there is no excuse not to succeed in America as things are so much better here, and that there is opportunity everywhere.

Fear of Success: Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

We all have heard of fear of failure, but what about fear of success? That doesn’t even make sense, does it? Unfortunately, most of us are being held back with a “fear of success”, whether we’re aware of it or not. Here’s what we can do about it…

How Our Deepest Fears Help Us Manifest Abundance

When we have a fear about something, the last thing we want to do is face it head on. In fact, we do everything we can to avoid it. We tend to do everything we can think of to stop that fear from coming true, even if the actions we take are at a subconscious level and not readily known to us as the conscious level. We might avoid certain situations in an effort to avoid our fears, and we also tend to put up our guard to protect ourselves more.

Rampage of Appreciation for the Internet From the Point of View of a Law of Attraction Junky

The internet and it’s virtual reality are parallel to the universe and the vortex of creation in the teachings of Abraham Hicks. The manner in which the internet brings things together is very much like the way the law of attraction brings solutions to problems and answers to questions. As someone who enjoys blogging on the internet this is my rampage of appreciation for all the people and the technology involved in this virtual world.

Wisdom of the Trees – Learning the Law of Attraction From Trees

I love trees. Trees are my friends. Trees give me guidance and love. I have learnt much from trees and I want to share some of their wisdom. Trees are among the best teachers of the law of attraction and its practice.

How to Put the Law of Attraction in Action: Three Steps Towards the Abundance Mindset

Who isn’t intrigued with the law of attraction? But there’s something else… something most of us are missing… “The law of attraction in action”… Sorry to disappoint you, but the law of attraction, although perfect, is not magic. There’s actually a process that you have to go through before you are able to “manifest at will”. It has to do with the three phases of transition from law of attraction in action to law of creation, so I’d like to pass it along to you…

Understanding the Science Behind Why Some Wishes (and Prayers) Do Come True

Can wishes and prayers come true? They can come true because there are literally millions of anecdotal reports of such having occurred. The frustrating point is that not every wish or prayer does come true, so in a controlled laboratory environment it becomes impossible to prove that a wish or a prayer might lead to a desired, positive outcome. But science can tell us something about how wishes and prayers might come true. Following this information then we can maximize our chances of success to receive the answer to our prayers.

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