How To Preform A New Moon Ritual For A Fresh Start In Life

Gratitude Journal – Attracting Abundance and Prosperity by Expressing Appreciation – In Writing

Do you know how keeping a gratitude journal can help you live a happy and more prosperous life? You will when you read and apply the tips in this article.

Exude Prosperity

In the book, “The Secret of The Ages” by, Robert Collier, the author says, “Exude prosperity and feel prosperous. You will experience prosperity long before it shows up in your life.”

The Fastest Way To Unleash Abundance In Your Life!

If I said, “I’ll give you a million dollars if you come up with more time, more money, more health and more love in your life – fast,” what would be your first thought, your first inclination? If you’re like most people, you’d either react with some fear-based emotion reflecting a feeling of not-enoughness, or your mind would quickly begin to create a strategy about how to go out and get what you need, right?

Want Long Life, Prosperity And Honor?

What is the secret to life? Simply put, there is one thing that will provide long life, prosperity, and honor (a good name). You could commit your life to this one thing and earn everything good in return. You’ll never regret it… read on…

The Abundance Mentality, Atracting Vision

There is a lot to be said about a powerful, positive, personal attitude, when it comes to attracting wealth. There are the practical types that maintain that wealth is created with hard work and shrewd thinking, this is true, but if all it took was hard work and a good plan, then I am sure most people would be rich. But they are not. There is a missing component, the psychology of the individual plays a large role in the success or failure of any endeavor.

Inner Peace Creates Outer Success

Without serenity, life is an empty, even painful experience. Despite the focus of our culture on outer achievement, the only way you can guarantee your happiness through life is to practice inner tranquility. through the pursuit of peace you not only gain inner tranquility; you also miraculously gain everything external that is of value to you.

Proof of Oneness – Raise Your Energy Vibration and Experience Abundance

Quantum physics is now agreeing with ancient mystics and spiritual leaders, saying that we really are all one in this universe. We all share an energy field and you can affect the world around you by raising your energy vibration.

Understanding Prosperity Economics

I recently did a seminar on prosperity for a group people consisting of mainly women. They were mostly professionals who had temporarily suspended their careers to raise a family. Some were doctors, others were lawyers and accountants; but the common denominator was that most were well educated high-level earners. I began the workshop by asking them to pass the microphone around to introduce themselves, and then to individually answer the following question; “My biggest concern about money is…” Their answers totally blew my mind.

Prosperity Can Be Found in a Gratitude Journal

So often, our lives resemble a rat race and we lose sight of the abundance all around us. Today is the perfect day to take a few minutes to reflect on all the blessings you have received over the last year. Possessing an attitude of gratitude for what we have been given and what we have right now opens windows for more blessings to enter into our lives. One of the greatest ways I have found to keep in the habit of expressing gratitude is by writing in a gratitude journal.

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