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Casting the Burden

We all have burdens in our lives from time to time, the key is how we handle them. There are a number of verses in the Bible that remind us the battle is God’s, not our own. These verses remind us to trust, have faith and see the goodness of God manifesting in our lives. Burdens occur through a belief in lack and limitation. Whether our burdens involve prosperity, health, fear or resentment, all can be taken care of by having an active faith and belief in God.

Turbo Charge Your Prosperity With a Classic Book

There is one thing that many of us want and that is more prosperity in our lives. In these tough economic times more and more people are turning to self improvement techniques to bring more prosperity in to their lives.

Service Delivery – The Fastest Way to Wealth Creation

To consistently create wealth in life, you must in one way or the other be adding value to the life of someone. You must be providing solutions to the problems being faced by some people. Without adding value or solving people’s problems you cannot create wealth.

Wealth Or Validation? The Beauty of Minimalism

“Ownership is a burden!?”, says the middle-aged man in an upside-down mortgage living on a paycheck-paycheck basis. “That sounds like something Karl Marx would say.” On the contrary avoiding unnecessary ownership is savvy and can be congruent to a capitalist mind-set.

Free Your Mind and Use it to Manifest Desires

Many people repeat self-defeating patterns throughout their life over and over again, and the sad thing is, most of us don’t even realize it. For some of us it’s broken relationship after broken relationship and others its limiting thoughts that create obstacles whenever a life-changing opportunity arises. We then blame our circumstances or our upbringing as if accepting that our lives are completely out of our control.

Manifest Desires Into Your Life Quickly by Using These 2 Techniques to Prepare Your Mind Beforehand

When The Secret swept the world in 2006, no doubt many of us leapt on the bandwagon eager and willing to learn and put into practice the techniques it taught us. However, I’m willing to bet that most people eventually lost hope and gave up due to the fact that in their quest to manifest desires, they came up with nada!

A Visualization Technique to Help You Manifest Desires

Visualization when done properly is a powerful technique that can help manifest desires into your life rapidly. However, I feel that there are still a couple of points which many teachers fail to point out when explaining it’s use so in this article I’m going to just add a little something extra to the technique.

My Thoughts on How to Manifest Desires and a Technique to Help You to Manifest Desires

Another day, another article on how to manifest abundance, but then the more you read about it, the more you become used to the idea and it begins to soak into your subconscious mind which is where it needs to be if you are to receive what you ask for without any shadow of a doubt. So before you can manifest desires, you need to reprogram your mind and open it up to the possibility of the law of attraction. In the beginning, when you first set out to use the law of attraction you must first understand that…

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