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A Healthy Church is a Wealthy Church

Most people feel that it is wrong to equate the church with wealth. For those who feel this way I apologize because the truth of the matter is that a flourishing church is usually a wealthy church. If one looks at things in a common sense perspective then it should be understood that wealth breed’s opportunity.

Making Room For Miracles (Part 2 – Limiting Distractions)

In his notable book, Law of Attraction, author Michael Losier makes a significant point that in order to manifest into our lives the people, circumstances, and things we want, we must allow them into our lives. It seems that allowing positive things to manifest in our lives is definitely the hardest part of the attraction regimen.

See the Abundance All Around You – Part 1

Abundance is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and see it all around. So many people look at the world as a world of lack. They believe that it’s not enough money to go around. You hear people say such things as money doesn’t grow on trees, or I’m broke, or I don’t have any money, or I’m not rich.

Attract Abundance by Adopting the Gratitude Attitude

The complaining and negativity around us is endemic. It takes us further away from achieving our goals and enjoying an abundant life. This article presents a much more positive and life enhancing way. An Attitude of Gratitude.

How to Build Healthy Friendships in 10 Easy Steps

Do you have healthy friendships? How is your relationship with your friends? Building healthy relationships and friendships is an art that many people do not know about. Many people do not know how to deal with others and hence, fail to make close friends and their relationships with others deteriorate.

Secrets to Wealth Creation Strategies

Are you looking for wealth creation strategies that will change your life? If you are then you are not alone. Most people are always looking for a new way or a faster way to improve their financial situation.

Secrets on How to Become Rich

If you are looking for a way on how to become rich then the first thing you must realize that it is not hard. Most people think that it is hard but it is not really hard if you really have a plan. The first thing that you need to do know how to become rich is that you must begin to believe in you.

Secrets of Attracting Wealth

Have you ever wondered if the rich have a secret that the rest of the world does not have? Do you want to find the secrets of attracting wealth?

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