I Believe in It but I Don’t See Any Results… What to Do? | Manifest with Kaisa

Learn to Live an Abundant, Prosperous Life

What is abundance and prosperity? Basically it is having good fortune, well being and a plentiful life.

Fundamentals of Wealth Creation

Wealth creation has everything to do with mind. Why? Because everything we see and express is a result of mind power in action. We are what we think and believe we are.

The Miraculous Law of Relativity

How do you stay positive when it seems like nothing is going your way? Use this law to help you through the toughest times and come out on top!

Creating Heart Based Abundance

The first step is to check in with your heart to see what new or improved perspectives you can discern by focusing on your heart and going over your life goals. The questions you should ask your heart are as follows. Do I really want to pursue this goal and do I really want it with all of my heart?

Using The Covenant To Get What You Want In Life

The Covenant teaches the Law of Attraction which helps you to achieve things in your life, things you didn’t realise were possible: More money, better career or a better life in general. It does this by working on yourself from the inside out.

3 Keys to Attracting Money

Money 101 A man worth is not in the abundance of money he has but how many life or situation he is able to put in order. Somebody says if you want to be successful just help enough people success. I tried to explain to us on my previous article, some of the things we can do to attract just enough money to our life, one of sure is how Time Management, time management can help you to be productive.

3 Secret Tips To Get Yourself Out of The Wood and Becoming a Millionaire

Everyone wants to make money fast. There are many advices but you have been overloaded with tonnes of information. I would like to share with 3 secrets that will change your life from now. It is important that you read and understand all 3 secrets and start taking actions seriously to change your life. The knowledge is nothing unless you start taking action. Do it now!

Success Is OK!

If we are sincere, total in our efforts and persevering, we find out slowly through targets, goal setting, feedback, meditation, self enquiry and introspection what we would want to do with our lives if we thought we could not fail. It is not that failure does not happen; it is more important to look on such events that could be classified as failure as simply a set of life events which happened at a certain time and place in your life. Success and failure are a little like profit and loss in that they go together and should be…

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