If You Experience THIS SIGN, ITS CLOSE! (Law Of Attraction, Sign!) | Abraham Hicks

Millionaire Magnet

Are you a Millionaire Magnet? Are you a magnet for money period? A good benchmark of being rich is to still shoot for the million dollar mark. Some people don’t understand that it’s a mindset that will get you there instead of just saving your money. If you don’t have the required mindset for money, doesn’t matter if you have one hundred dollars or one million, you will find a way to burn through it.

Create Personal Stability and Security

We have truly hit a point in history where “everything you think, say and do matters” because that is how you create the future while living through today. Get rid of negative thinking by uncluttering your mind. You can only succeed if you have a plan and take action.

Think and Grow Rich Review – Chapter 2 – Faith

The emotions of faith, love and sex are the most powerful of all major positive emotions. The mixing /blending of these three emotions has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the infinite, thinking mind of man and infinite intelligence.

How Self Investment Can Lead to Greater Personal Satisfaction

I think investing in oneself is one of the most important things in life today that we as people do very little of. Investing in oneself can range from business, to health and wellness to self-improvement. Many people don’t believe they need to do much self-exploration and improvement but I argue against that, I think at least once a week every person needs to invest in themselves in one way or another. After beginning to invest in myself consistently many months ago I was driven to give my own ideas on this.

Develop the Millionaire Mindset

Do you think like a millionaire or do you find yourself thinking more in line with the middle class? There is a mindset that wealthy people have that others are not aware. Many people tend to think that people with money only live to make money and that making money is all they care about.

The Century-Old Wisdom of the Science of Getting Rich

The nature of law states that like causes produce like effects. If you do things a certain way, then you will inevitably achieve what you want in life. In this case, the goal is to become rich.

Blessing Inventory

Certainly there is nothing wrong with wanting more but, when our focus comes from a point of lack we create more lack. It is easier to focus on what is lacking in our life. We get complacent and take our abundances for granted. We need to slow down and take an inventory of what we have already created in our lives a “Blessing Inventory.”

Transform Financial Well Being With Dreaming

Remember being in elementary school, when the summers seemed to last forever – and vacation from school never came too soon? Those precious times when we were all younger, dreaming was as easy as breathing. The phrase “financial well being” didn’t exist in the world back then, and it certainly didn’t have any meaning for a young person.

Three Principles to Attaining Financial Independence

Working out a financial plan is the other discipline that has to be embraced by anyone seeking financial freedom. Managing finances is not easy but those people who have made it in life are good financial managers.

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