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365 Thank Yous by John Kralik – Abundance Book Review – The Power of Practicing Daily Gratitude

Do you practice daily gratitude? John Kralik is the author of “365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life.” Read how the power of daily appreciation can transform your life in beneficial ways you could never imagine…

The Law of Attraction Is the Spiritual Acceptance of Being Materialistic!

What’s wrong with being materialistic? NOTHING! Anything material that we desire started out as a thought in someone’s mind that was birthed into reality. This IS a spiritual concept. It’s ok to be materialistic and to have money. It’s ours to create through the abundant universe. Contrary to what we were brought up to think, creating money is easy once we understand our power.

Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders – Abundance Book – 4 Strengthening Exercises for Your Giving Muscle

Do you regularly strengthen your “giving” muscle? Tim Sanders is the author of the book, “Today We Are Rich – Harnessing The Power Of Total Confidence.” Sanders, like most of us, has experienced “sideways” years-times when life seems unproductive and out of balance. By cultivating his appreciation for his present-day blessings, he was able to give more freely. By giving unconditionally, Sanders found his universe to respond positively. Here are four suggestions from Sanders to strengthen your giving muscle and reap the benefits…

The Fallacy of Outside Forces

The field of neuroscience helps prove that fact that until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate(C.J. Jung). You don’t see all of reality. Your brain filters what you see based on your unconscious expectations. You see what you are programmed to see by your beliefs. The outer world is a mirror of your inner world.

Gain Wealth – What It Takes to Be Successful in Life

If you want to increase your wealth and abundance you need to follow four simple steps to ensure you have a successful life. Many people think gaining the wealth makes the life successful, but this is incorrect, when you have a successful life the wealth will flow your way. So be successful in your life and all the abundance you desire will follow.

How to Turn Your Wants Into Your Haves

We all have things that we want, but we often do not know how to ensure that eventually we will have them. This can often be caused either by a lack of clarity or an ineffective manner of communicating to ourselves and the universe what we really want. This is common, and this is something you can overcome fairly easily if you follow 4 simple steps. This can truly enhance your abundance and prosperity in ways beyond what you can imagine.

How to Face Your Problems Head On

There are times in everyone’s life that you are going to be faced with challenges and problems. The way to success, abundance and prosperity is having the courage to face the problems head on. When you face problems head on you learn to let nothing stop you and you are ready for success.

Ways to Avoid Disappointments and Become an Accomplished Person

We all want more abundance and more prosperity in our lives but too often we let the little set backs, the disappointments, prevent us from seeing just how wonderful our lives are and just how well we create the perfect lives for us. Become an accomplished person and have all of the abundance and prosperity you want by learning how to avoid disappointments.

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