Law of Attraction – Align With Your Desires #shorts

I Wish I Had a Million Dollars

Whether it is having a million dollars, finding the right person, or weighing thirty pounds less, most people live their lives wishing. They wish things were different and that they had the things they desire. This article contains two very basic steps to take you from wishing to living your dreams.

The Subconscious Mind and Your Money Life

Have you tried to change your financial situation in the past, and yet nothing seems to work? The explanation as to why this happens is simple, as is the solution.

Giving – Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be? A Perspective From an Attraction Point of View

Giving is the secret sauce to success in the long term. From a business perspective, it has helped me grow my business and I know these principles will work for anyone who is determined to see for themselves as well.

Would You Treat Your Really Good Friend the Way You Treat Your Money?

We women business owners tend to ignore money. As conscious creative women, we typically start businesses with the thought that goes something like this: “I want to express myself and share my gifts so I can help others and make the world a bit better… and wouldn’t it be nice to make some money while I’m at it too!”

Like A Hummingbird

Sure, it is good to move quickly when it comes to wealth and power, to get it. But in some ways we must be like the hummingbird. Think, like the hummingbird goes where it goes with its quick moving wings, and then do long lasting action like it takes nectar out of flowers and cross pollinates with the bumblebees.

The Key to Success in Life

A step by step approach to having anything you want in life. You need to know what you want and be willing to get what you want, without limiting yourself to present circumstance.

Money Making Opportunities: How to Get Lucky More Often

Some people in life seem to always be in the right place at the right time. It’s easy to believe that some people are just lucky. However, that is not true at all. Studies show that people who seem to attract more fortunate events and opportunities in their life actually share several traits. If you want to be luckier and attract bigger and better money making opportunities in your life then you need to adopt these mindsets.

How Can I Prosper in These Economic Times?

Quite a few people are asking this and similar questions. With the world economic situation in turmoil and the housing market seemingly in an endless downward spiral, they wonder what to do. The answer is that outside conditions need not govern your life. You must always keep in mind that, struggle, worry and stress just leads to more struggle, worry and stress.

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