Law of Attraction – Chase The Fun #shorts

Making a Decision With the Input of the Universe

When you make a major life decision or look for the right path to follow, where do you turn to for direction? Do you simply listen to your own voice, or do you look for input from a source outside of yourself…from the Universe?

Create Prosperity and Abundance Through the Neural Pathways of Your Brain

Here are four fantastic things you can do to open your mind to greater prosperity. Because your mind is magnetic, how you work with your thoughts has everything to do with receiving greater abundance. It’s best to do these techniques over and over to impress them upon the neural pathways of your brain. It often takes repetition to create new neural pathways. You need to impress the new behaviors, thoughts and intentions upon you magnetic mind to receive results.

An Ancient and Potent Technique to Create More Prosperity

Some people think it’s preposterous. Some won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. When I read about it years ago, I was instantly turned off. It was about tithing 10% of your income and giving it to a place or person where you receive spiritual help and inspiration. I thought the technique was radical. I heard a speaker talk about it years later, saying how she doubled and even tripled her income this way and wouldn’t be without it. I was intrigued to learn more.

What The Laws Of Attraction Are

The laws of attraction are basically simple thoughts that you can teach yourself. These would help you become a better person and attract those that you have been aiming for.

Strive for Excellence – Never Settle for Less

You only achieve what you set out for and you only get those results that you expect from yourself. What separates the successful people from the rest is what they expect from themselves. It is true that human mind is very powerful, what you conceive in your mind and what you believe will eventually turn to reality.

Success! What Does It Take? No, Really, What Does It Take?

What does “success” mean to you? What do you get excited about? What are you passionate about? Do you have what you want? What does it take to find true success?

How To Be A Financial Success

True financial success isn’t a property that only the privileged few are allowed to own. You don’t have to be born into it, and it’s not necessary to get a degree from Harvard to make it happen. Financial success is all about understanding the principles that the wealthy follow, and then incorporating those into your own life.

Past Life Story – Fear of Success

Ex-cop is concerned about his financial future after leaving the service. His dilemma – he’s afraid of opening his own business. A fascinating past life reveals the reason, and resolves the issue.

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