Law of Attraction – Contrast Sparks Your Evolution #shorts

Are You Doing Things in a Certain Way?

“You must form a clear and definite mental picture of what it is you want.” How true. Before you can expect to achieve anything in life you must first picture it in your mind. How can you reach a destination without first having one?

What Is Life Coaching Designed to Achieve?

In the past, when you have heard the word “Coach,” the typical thought is that of a “Sports Coach.” Be it a golf coach, basketball, football, hockey, swimming or even in some cases a personal trainer, who typically are those who “coach” you to reach your fitness goals. There is an obvious abundance of coaching for sports and athletics.

Clearing The Way For Success

Our minds are filled with clutter and doubt, in order for us to achieve the abundance and prosperity that we seek we need to clear the way for success. Today we are going to be talking about what that means and how you can accomplish it.

Achieving Prosperity

To achieve prosperity, you have to start from the inside, and let the inside affect the outside. This is where a lot of people miss it, and they end up getting caught up in the rat race. They have been taught to believe that you have to be doing the most tedious work to become prosperous; instead of learning to work smart and getting prosperous.

The Secrets of True Wealth and Happiness

It’s a subject of great debate and one that has fostered many ideas and opinions of what is wealth and happiness. Painting and how we perceive It is generally assumed that a person who has a smile is happy which is true. But what of the person who looks quite intense yet has a paint brush in their hands – would you say they were happy – I would say yes, and my reason would be that they are doing something they enjoy, but another person who saw the person painting might say they were worried about the…

Changing Limiting Beliefs – Do You Know Why You’re Still Poor?

You can do all the visualizations you want. If you’re not changing your limiting beliefs, you will never attract money or riches.

How To Attract The Right Kind Of Energy – For Abundance And Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity is our divine right, we just need to understand this, and the way that energy works, so that we may work with it every day to create what we need with ease. We already have all the tools, we just need to learn how to correctly use them.

Happy New Month!

By NOW, 97% of the New Year’s Resolutions have gone by the wayside. So to get you back on track, I’ve decided to start a New Month’s Resolutions, smaller bite sized goals that you’ll stick with or be able to renew the next month if you’ve faltered or let the month get away from you…

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