Law of Attraction – Enjoy What You Are Doing #shorts

How to Get Rich Quick

Do you want to know how to get rich quick? In today’s world people are looking for fast gratification, inevitably requiring money.

How to Make Yourself Recession Proof

The recent credit crunch saw many companies fold and as a result, hundreds of people lost their jobs. This left scores of unemployed wondering how they would meet their mortgage payments and stay afloat. Read on to discover ways that you can remain in employment during these hard times.

Secrets of the Rich

Why is it that some people are richer than others? Here are 10 secrets of the rich that you need to know to begin your journey to being rich.

Manifesting Money Fast

Manifesting money fast is the number one request I get. If you’ve read my book you’ll notice the balance in my manifesting process.

Simple Abundance and Prosperity – How to Focus on Your Strengths For Success

One of the simplest ways to create more success in your business is to focus on what your strengths are, rather than just trying to ‘fix’ your weaknesses. This easy to implement 10 Step Checklist shows you just how to uncover your strengths.

Reclaim Your Life by Recognizing Prosperity

Reclaim your life by recognizing the prosperity you already have. Is there any possibility that you may be dismissing, ignoring, or discounting some of the prosperity in your life?

From Lack to Abundance

Affirming. praying, and visualizing are made less effective when we offer them from a place of lack. If we are affirming or praying to get something, and we are feeling a desperate need for this something, our energy is actually calling forth more lack. Feelings of abundance and gratitude create more abundance.

Finally! How To Get Back That Positive Feeling You Need For Manifesting Abundance When You Lose It

It’s a great thing to feel positive about your dreams when you’re using the Universal laws and principles of reality creation for manifesting abundance. Everything just seems so much more easier to visualize, and everything seems to come quicker. But what happens when this feeling happens to go away, as it inevitably will from time to time? Read below to find out what NOT to do to get it back and also what you DO need to do to get back this feeling.

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