Law of Attraction – Evidence Of The Vibration We Are Practicing #shorts

Why Doesn’t The Law Of Attraction Give Me What I Want?

In principle, the Law of Attraction is simple; we attract what we think about. So we visualize and take some action and we wait, and wait, but it still doesn’t happen. And that’s when we get frustrated and confused.

Giving – The Economic Stimulus Package

People are really putting their dreams and desires on the back burner and subjecting themselves to a world they don’t want to be a part of. Discover how the power of giving can help you in any kind of economic weather.

A Quality That Creates a Positive Life – Joy

There are a lot of things that help to make for a more positive life, but few if any are as powerful and as important as Joy. The more joy you have in your life and the more joy you help to bring to other people’s lives, the better your life will be overall.

Life’s a Journey Not a Destination – Have Fun With It!

We often get so focused on a certain end goal that we lose sight of how enjoyable the journey getting to that goal can and should be. Your life is not meant to be difficult and unhappy, you are here to enjoy your life, every single moment of it.

Are You Really A Wizard?

Can anyone become a “wizard?” Yes, and it may not be what you think either. You can increase your creativity and even your intuition using the techniques and ideas in this article.

Creating Prosperity – 4 Mysteries You May Not Know About Prosperity

Whether you’ve read a lot of books about prosperity or whether you haven’t read anything about it at all, whether you have an overflow of riches or you’re looking for your ship to come in – there are some things about prosperity that have been the secrets of the ages and that are now being revealed. If you want to put the key in the door, turn it around and look right into the eyes of prosperity, here are some tips.

Are Strained Relationships Robbing You of Your Energy?

I recently had a subscriber write me about an issue she was having with her daughter not spending quality time with her. Her daughter was much closer to her father, who is this woman’s ex-husband. This brought up feelings of resentment and sadness, all of which she wanted to get past for many reasons.

The Law of Abundance – Ways to Bring Happiness Into Your Life

Often we complicate our lives and make the simple things difficult. Everyone wants more happiness in their life, and it can be very easy to do, but people want to make it more difficult than it needs to be. Do you know what makes you happy? Are you doing those things? Do you know what makes those close to you happy? Are you helping them do those things?

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