Law of Attraction – How Are Your Blocking the Vibration of Universal Support? #shorts

Ian’s Tires in Santa Barbara – A Valuable Lesson in Old Fashioned Family Values

Feeling safe, feeling grateful, feeling well cared for, these are the essential feelings that accompany prosperity and abundance. This state of being is invaluable. How do you maintain that when you have to spend money you’d rather not spend at the moment?

The Idyllic Location Everyone Wants To Escape

When it comes to living the ultimate lifestyle many people dream of sipping exotic drinks out of a coconut shell on the beach of some tropical island. In fact many brochures for holiday destinations to those places focus on that very image. But there is one island where everyone who lives there is wanting to leave.

Share and Have Plenty

Sharing can be good fun, provide motivation and support as well as being a useful way to save money and share resources. Let’s look at some positive ways to share and also improve our quality of life.

Simple Thoughts for Improving Prosperity

Your attitude toward money can greatly influence its flow, or lack of flow, into your life. Consider these three simple choices to increase your prosperity.

Giving Circles – A Simple Way to Put the Law of Giving to Work on Your Behalf

Can you give your way to receiving more? Yes! And Giving Circles make it fun and afforable. In addition to enjoying the company of other joyful givers, members are igniting the principle of Seed Money in their own lives. Those gifts, no matter how large or how small, will come back to them often in unexpected ways enabling them to give again, which triggers even more receiving and more giving – after all, giving and receiving are the yin and yang of the same cycle – and that is the textbook definition of a Win – Win situation.

Abundant Thinking – 6 Proven Steps

Six proven steps for you to learn the Abundant Thinking. If you think this way, abundance and prosperity will flow freely into your life, making you more joyful and happy than you ever have before!

The Pig In The Pen Principle

The Pig in the Pen Principle is as old as time itself. Read on to see how it affects your life.

Making Money Is the Key!

Life is a dream in which we glimpse our true bona fide potency! The preference is ours to stir our lives happily! Then actually live for a very very long age. This is the major key. Accessing and initiating this dream is the single vital step. The next step is to turn this piece of wisdom to open all doors of potential. Out which must flow all that we desire.

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