Law of Attraction – How to Enter the Receiving Mode #shorts

Wonderful News – Top 6 Tips for Making Your Own

Where are all the wonderful news stories? We are well aware that good news helps us feel better, sleep better and generally cope better with life. In some cases, people have cured themselves of diseases by surrounding themselves with laughter! Here are the top six areas of life that we experience every day, how we can become aware of them, and make each and every day our own wonderful news day.

The Law of Attraction – Your Thoughts Influence Chance

The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts influence chance. Ever wondered why when you think of frustrating things, more problems come rushing towards you?

The Secret, Does It Work for Everyone?

To those of you that think “The Secret” and the 11 Forgotten Laws don’t work and are a scam: It is your prerogative to think that. Clearly though, if you research the facts with even just a slightly open mind, you will see it quite differently.

If Money Were a Man Would He Date You?

If money were a man would he date you more than once? How do you talk about him? Do you keep your word? An odd twist to help you step back, wake up and realize how you are treating your money and ultimately yourself!

Origin of the Law of Attraction

There are many people who think that the hit movie “The Secret” was the start of the manifestation movement. They think the ideas in this movie had never been taught to the public before, and these people would be wrong. The true origin of the Manifestation movement is often credited to a gentleman who loved and thrived through and after the depression back in the 1920s.

Conscious Decisions: Your Personal Development Journey Awaits

The purpose of Wealth Masters International (WMI) is to help you grow as a conscious human being. If we want to see the world the way it really is we need to delve whole-heartedly into three main areas; health, wealth and wisdom. Everyday we make conscious decisions and personal development should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Saying “I Do” To Your Money

We all have committed to a certain relationship to money, whether or not we are aware of it. And just like our fingerprints, all of our money vows are unique. I want to share an exercise I do with my financial therapy and money coaching clients to help them get very clear about what they want their relationship with money to look like.

Attracting Abundance Under Pressure: How to Calm Down So You Can Attract Prosperity and Abundance

Are you trying to attract prosperity and abundance into your life and you need it so badly you feel desperate? Unfortunately, the more urgently you want it, the bigger the roadblocks that might prevent you from attracting abundance. Read on to find out what to resolve that dilemma.

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