Law of Attraction – Line Up Your Belief System #shorts

Quantum Physics and God

If you look at the structure of an atom, you are looking also at the structure of the universe. Understanding how that relates to you as a being is a start at understanding how you are constructed, and how you, as a being, relate to all of the other beings in the universe and to God.

A Few More Leadership Qualities!

Have you ever thought about becoming a leader? And if so do you have what it takes to become one? We all know about the mind-set and the goals everyone talks about, here a few more things to consider.

Millionaire Mindset – How To Use Your Mind and Think Like A Millionaire

The secret of the millionaire mindset to creating wealth boils down to two things – how you think and how you act- when you manage your money. The key to building wealth is to know, how to leverage the power of your mind to produce wealth, just like natural wealth builders do. In order, words you need to you need to understand- how your mind works.

Align Your Desires With Your Beliefs

Desire is the first step to achieving YOUR goals. Desire is an essential part of the manifestation process. When you have a goal or dream that you want to achieve and don’t have a desire to support it, you won’t accomplish what you want 99% of the time. Having a true desire helps you to achieve what you want, but if you have limited beliefs that contradict your desire, they will sabotage your efforts to accomplish it.

Success Is God’s Will For You

God’s thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace, it is God’s intention to give you an expected end. That means that God is mindful that you are expecting success at the end of what you are presently doing and He is thinking to give you that. It is the reason why the Bible says that ‘Your expectation shall not be cut off’. In another place in the Bible, God says, ‘And there is hope in thine end’. Why are you wondering whether it is the will of God for you to prosper or not.

What If You’ve Tried to Be Prosperous and Seemed to Fail?

Overcoming old patterns and creating prosperity is a process. If you’ve tried and haven’t received results, it may be because it’s not the right time yet for you, but it will be. Or you haven’t fully released subconscious resistances, but you can. Or there are other obstacles in the way that you can find out about and work on and overcome in many ways (including spiritually). Many highly successful people have failed for years – and then finally the bonds were released and they realized their success. You need to keep your mind focused and your faith strong. You do the inner work, focus your mind, and know you are receiving all that you need and want at exactly the right time.

Become Wealthy – In Order to Become Wealthy You Must Possess a Burning Desire for Wealth

It has been said that the starting point of all achievement is desire. In order to become wealthy you must first desire it. Not just a desire but a burning desire.

Financial Prosperity – Why Not Claim Victory Over Your Finances With a Bold Faith?

Do you struggle with financial difficulties and fear over what the future holds? Why not learn to walk in bold faith in what God can do and begin to claim victory over your finances?

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