Law of Attraction – Manifestation is Old News #shorts

Attract Wealth: Pursue Your Purpose In Life With Passion

Knowing how to set goals is essential to success and happiness in life along with the passion to pursue it. If we want to attract wealth and improve ourselves we must set goals, develop action plans and strive to attain our goals.

Take A Huge Bite Out of Life by Training Your Mind

Imagine your life without all your problems, stress, and mental and physical aches and pains. All your energy vibrates out of you. You can walk with confidence and self-assurance.

Put a Fair Price on Your Efforts – The Importance of Valuing Yourself

Charging for our efforts can feel a little awkward at first, especially if we are in a service sector. Putting a fair price on our time and skills can require being a little tough about billing. But if we want to feel valued and establish ourselves in the marketplace as a business professional then that is what we have to do.

Are You Growing Under The Snow?

Last week we had a brief “warm” spell that melted the few feet of snow that had been covering the ground since the beginning of December. I took a walk around the yard and discovered something wonderful.

Subliminal Message – 4 Ways to Keep the Opportunities Coming Nonstop

Are you looking for a new or a better job? Are you looking for new and more profitable moneymaking opportunities? Never run out of options in all aspects of your life, be it in your career, pleasure, or even in the relationships department.

Water In Sahara Desert? Nothing Is Impossible!

Years ago, Russian scientist surveying the earth’s surface from space said they had discovered an underground river beneath the Sahara Desert in Mauritania. The quantity of water reserve found using hi-tech satellite imaging is enough to meet the drinking water needs of the 50,000 residents of the nearby city of Altar.

Minimum Effort Maximum Result: How to Let the Universe Manifest Your Desires and Attract Abundance

The beauty of the Universe and its Law of Attraction is that it is totally effortless to use it. The Universe wants to gift us with all our heart desires. However, we often tend to think that certain things have not yet happened in our lives, as fully as we would like, because we have “not done enough.” Yet, could it be they have not happened because we are trying to do too much from the frequency of struggle? This article is not about definitive answers. It is about questions for us to ponder.

An Honest Auctions for Income Review

People always want a real review, so here it is. I’m a normal person who puts in the work that’s required to make the product work.

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