Law of Attraction – Manifestation is Old News #shorts

Your New Mantra For Your Life – Say – YES!

Do you want to see, feel and experience real results of change in weeks rather than years? Well the best thing you can do is to create new positive habits, retrain your mind to accept and expect the best there is – start to say yes to your life!

Manifesting Abundance – It Is Up To You!

The Universe wants us to live in abundance and is always ready to support us with this choice, we just simply have to learn and accept this as our reality. Health, love and wealth in abundance, is not only our birthright – it is our responsibility!

How Much Wealth Is A Good Thing?

It is widely thought that the current economic recession in the United Kingdom — at least in part — has been brought on by reckless bankers still enjoying bumper bonuses. It may be just ‘childish foot-stamping’ but these say they want to move abroad because of the 50% top rate of tax they are paying. Money seems to be a more powerful lure for them than the attraction of living near family and friends and one’s own community let alone the notion of banking integrity. Perhaps this is why they were attracted to working in the financial industry in the first place. One could ask provided one earns enough money for one’s basic needs, why should it bother one if another person happens to be earning more?

Attracting the Life You Want!

Positive thinking, positive affirmations, law of attraction….sound crazy? Energy vibration is a very real thing, and if you can put yourself in the correct vibration to what you are wanting, it will come into your existence, every time!

Abundance and Prosperity – Forming Positive Beliefs to Attract Abundance and Prosperity

Beliefs play a great role in attracting abundance and prosperity into your life. If you want to have an abundant and prosperous life, you must first learn how to form and acquire positive beliefs.

How To Sustain Your Wealth and Develop A Money Conscious Mind

Do you really know how to attract wealth and prosperity into your experience? Does money flow into your life easily and frequently? If it does, are you consciously aware of how you are creating your wealth? The first step in creating a money conscious mind is to become aware and define your beliefs about money.

How to Use Meditation to Bring Prosperity Into Your Life

Today we are going to be discussing how to use meditation to bring prosperity into your life. The art of meditation is to bring your body into a completely relaxed state. What this does is it promotes calmness within you as you learn how to focus on your breathing.

What Does Bill Gates and the Poorest of the Poor Have in Common?

What does Bill Gates and the poorest of the poor have in common? And What is it that sets the great discrepancy?

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