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Discover How to Monetize Your Passions

This article gives in-depth techniques to turn your passions into your money maker. Monetizing your hobbies changing your past times into your career.

Get Rich Quick? Yeah, Right

On Friday night a mate of mine came up from Melbourne. And we were talking about a variety of different things when the topic came up of “get rich quick” and I said to him “Do you know anyone who has ever managed to get rich quick and without putting the effort in?” He answered no.

Thoughts of Abundance

“You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might also pray in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.” -Kahlil Gibran Why is it that we only ask for things when we need them?

Can Business and Spirituality Be Combined?

The two may seem incompatible at times, because in our Western culture, we’ve been programmed to think of money as something used to control those without it, much as religion has been used to control those who would otherwise sin like mad without a severe consequence to curtail these lower ambitions. But the pursuit of a higher cause can drive one to be more than just one who is earning money for a talent or skill.

Find Your Inner Money Personality

Many people today have different opinions and feelings towards money. Nearly two percent of Americans between the ages of twenty-five to sixty-five are actually wealthy. So what do these statistics imply to the other ninety-eight percent of people? What is it that separates a wealthy person from a not so wealthy person?

Debunking the Latte Factor

From the beginning, I had a nagging discomfort about the concept of the “latte factor.” It’s dawned on me recently – that what all those lattes are paying for is good, old-fashioned community of the kind that congregates in “third places”, non-work, non-home social venues.

The Law of Attraction – Tips on How to Manifest Your Desires

Here’s a simple technique to create the mind-set you need to manifest the things you want most. Practice this as often as you can.

The Lure of More

Our culture defines churches, businesses, and Facebook pages by their numbers: most members, customers, or “friends.” Big seeks biggest; more seeks most. Enough ceases to exist.

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