Law of Attraction – Once You Understand “I Have Everything I Need” #shorts

Here’s A Little Secret – What a $1.00 Bill Can Say About You!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a financial freedom retreat in which I was challenged to give away a $1.00 bill to a stranger. It was amazing to me how the idea of giving $1.00 to a stranger could produce so much anxiety in me.

How to Be Lucky in 30 Days

Almost every person in this world wants to have a lifetime good luck. You can actually achieve it and as Donald Trump said, “Everything in life is luck.” All you need to do is create that good luck in your life.

Lucky Bugs for Good Luck?

If you are looking for lucky charms or amulets you may want to have one in the shape of these lucky bugs or the famous lucky charm Hand of Fatima. Many stories are surrounding the hand of fatima and its believers say it really gives you good luck and protection.

Thank You Letter – My Gratitude to Architect Daniel Burnham

Architect Daniel Burnham played a huge role in molding the city of Baguio into the beautiful and serene tourist spot that we now know it to be. This is my personal letter of gratitude to him for creating such a charming place I call home.

What Are Your Beliefs About Money?

What are your beliefs about money? If you are like most people you have a fear of money. A fear of losing money, a fear of not making enough money, a fear of not having money, and even a fear of having money taken from you.

Save $660 Per Month

Could you use an extra $660 per month? I bet you’re answer is like mine, and pretty much everyone else’s, and that is and emphatic. “Yes!

Discover Five Steps to Living a Life of Extreme Abundance

Are you sick and tired of cycling? Are you disappointed with you career, relationships, and finances? Do you believe you can experience abundant living? In just a few simple steps, you can easily find your road to healing in this brief yet impacting, inspirational and motivational piece.

Attracting Online Riches – Have Faith in Yourself

Remember you are not alone who feels this way. There are millions of other people around the world who feel that they should do something else in life rather that what they do. Believe it or not the monotonous corporate work life is not for everyone. Some people actually do much better by running a home based business. Firstly, working from the comforts of your home gives you a peaceful aura around you and secondly thanks to the online advancement it is quite simple to attract online riches.

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