Law of Attraction – Own That Your Create Your Own Reality #shorts

Manifest Good Luck and Wealth

If you are wanting to change your life then you need to start manifesting and attracting good luck, wealth, health and happiness. This is not as hard as it seems. You can literally change your luck and turn your life around starting today.

5 Simple Ways on How to Apply the Law of Attraction of Money In Your Life

Do you want to attract more money and abundance? You don’t have to be hard on yourself just to get all the riches you want in life. This does not involve any magic tricks: these are easy ways to get your heart’s desire. Discover ways of how to apply the law of attraction of money, so that very soon you can start enjoying all the luxuries that life has to offer.

By God’s Grace You Will Make It

Throughout the Bible there is mention of several interesting characters and a few of of these chacters were Samson and Jephthah, David and Samuel. Through faith these men conquered kingdoms, worked righteousness despite imperfect lives, received promises from God, stopped the attack of lions, put out the violence of fire, and escaped the sword…..

Is Your Financial Future Bleak? Check the Elevation Group

Let’s start with this fact. “Wealth is never destroyed; it’s just transferred from one person to another.” And this has been reiterated time and time again by Mike Dillard in his Elevation Group video launch.

The Akashic Records – What Are They?

Many people turn to Astrology, the Tarot or a Psychic in pursuit of getting some much needed clarity at critical moments in their lives, usually when they are experiencing a major crisis or feel confused about what to do next. However, most have yet to hear about the oldest, most authentic and reliable spiritual resource for the answers they seek at the most important junctures in their lives, and that is the Akashic Records. What are the Akashic Records, and how can they help you?

Find Your Business Path Using Feng Shui

You hear many people talking about really trying to find their true mission in life, their Soul Purpose, that unique gift that you know that is within yourself, the expression of your true potential. We seem to naturally understand that each one of us is a unique energetic being and we are all part of something that is much larger than ourselves. People will be drawn to you as you bring your message of inspiration and this includes finding your business path using feng shui as well as your personal life. Each and everyone one of us has gifts that are special with the natural capacity to be truly remarkable.

Man Is No More Than The Sum Total of His Thoughts

We are what we think. Man is no more than the sum total of his thoughts. The good news is as we can control our thoughts so can we control our destiny.

3 Sneaky Ways You May Be Pushing Money Away, and You Don’t Even Know It!

Did you know that how you think about money (or lack of it) has a lot to do with how much you have? I’m sure you know people who are constantly complaining about a lack of money, and who never seem to have any. Money is basically energy, and how we handle that energy says a lot about our bank balance. When we are living with a sense of lack and scarcity, that tends to be our reality. We may be pushing money away with these thoughts and feelings, and not even know it!

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