Law of Attraction Pep Talk

The 3 Hardest Things You’ll Ever Do in Business – Part 1

The 3 Hardest Things you’ll ever do in a Business are: 1. Convince Yourself that your worth $25,000+ per month.

Want to Get Rich? How to Become an Enlightened Millionaire

We all learn from a very early age that sharing is a good thing top do, but many people seem to forget this throughout their lives. But sharing is not only a good thing to do, but it is actually a step in the process of creating true and lasting wealth.

New Wealth Dimension Theory to Get You Flush With Super-Abundance

The universe is pregnant with immensity of fortune and super abundance of money that you can tap from to move your game from $1,000 to $1,000,000 or even more. The richest people of the world know about this cosmic power and its reality in wealth creation utilizing universal law of magnetism to attract to themselves great riches without measure and be in cosmic wealth template and rule their world with “temerity” (Excessive confidence or boldness).

Creating Prosperity and Abundance – A Spiritual Perspective

There are a few important principles to remember and apply in the process of manifesting prosperity, abundance and what we want. The first is having an open heart and mind to our spiritual nature and to the infinite creative power of the prosperity and abundance that is already inside of us. The second principle is Choice. We are to focus our thoughts on what we really want and make it clear and unshakable.

Creating Prosperity and Abundance – Keeping the Faith

In sustaining the magnetizing energy to attract and create prosperity, abundance and good into your life, it is necessary to keep the faith and continue increasing the momentum and strengthen the foundation behind the decision, your goals, visualizations, and affirmations. Do not stay in or return to the old fears, negating words, or poverty habits. Now is the time to truly live at a higher level.

The Top 3 Wealth Attraction Tips of the Gurus From “The Secret” and How to Make Them Work

The Law of Attraction, as presented in the hit movie “The Secret,” promises to present you with the capacity to attract any amount of wealth you want to have in your life. However, as many of you might have found out through personal experience, applying the Law of Attraction is not as easy as it seems. It is one thing to know the principles, but it is a completely different matter to apply them correctly.

Attracting Abundance – Top 3 Things You Have to Do Before You Can Begin Attracting Abundance

It was when the hit movie “The Secret” came out, and the Law of Attraction became popular that the general public was for the first time presented with the idea that you can attract all the Abundance you want into your life. However, this is easier said than done, and thus most people fail in their endeavors to make the Law of Attraction work for them. What are they missing?

How the Richest Men on Earth Attained Financial Freedom and How You Can Do it Too

Everyone looks at the rich, and while they detest them, they want to be like them. So how did the rich become rich?

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