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What The Bible Teaches About Finances

Many people attempt to quote a verse of Scripture from the Bible that has been used to instill in Christians the idea that having money is wrong. They say that the Bible says, “Money is the root of all evil.” However, this is a distortion of what the Scripture verse actually says. It really says, “The love of money is the root of all evil…” (1 Timothy 5:10) I dare say that many of the people who are guilty of this sin are people who may not even have any money. This is why they find evil attractive. Drug dealers of every kind, thieves, prostitution and other forms of evil are all linked to the love of money. This passage from the Bible is really describing the person who will do anything, even wrong things to get wealth. This includes so-called preachers of the Gospel, who handle the Word of God deceitfully, attempting to distort money out of well-meaning but naive people. God’s Word condemns such an attitude toward life. God has no problem with anyone having wealth. He has an issue when we become so obsessed with it that money possesses us.

Is Niklas Bendtner Worth 52,000 a Week?

Today I read an article in The Sun. Yes, I know, shame on me, but in my defence, I was having lunch alone and the waiter asked me if I would like to see his Sun.

Manifesting Prosperity Through The Secret Law Of Attraction

Manifesting prosperity in your life has very close links with the universal law of attraction. This universal law makes you the ultimate controller of your life and what you manifest from it. Follow some simple tips and you will soon be able to manifest all the things you’ve ever wanted in your life.

The Big Secret To The Law Of Attraction: Feel Good Now

The “big secret” with the law of attraction is that you have to feel good now; before physical manifestation can take place. To live life in a place of constant needing of something that will “make” us happy only keeps us in an vibration of wanting and needing and the universe keeps answering that vibration with more for us to want– and not “get”.

Mastermind With Leaders to Become One

Masterminding with other leaders is the most effective longterm way to achieve success in your own life.  I personally have been using great leaders in my life to enable me to get the kind of success I only before dreamed of.  I work online and coach others to do the same so I looked for Marketers and Leaders in various businesses that would be role models to me in the areas I needed to excel in.

Discover Powerful Manifesting Secrets To Attain A Prosperous and Abundant Life

The manifesting secrets to a prosperous and fulfilling life all stem from the mind. The mind has immense powers, and learning how to use it and apply it to your everyday life will have massive implications on how successful and happy you will be.

Learn The Eleven Forgotten Laws And Manifest Your Dreams

What is it about the eleven forgotten laws that allow you to manifest your dreams? What has that got to do with the Law of Attraction that everyone’s all excited about, or not a the case may be.

The Science of Getting Rich Summary

Everything begins in the mind. Be it conquering the impossible, or the journey to greatness; it all begins with the thought that it can and will happen in real life. Such optimism is what pushes people to become the best that they can be. This is why it is very important that you continually nurture the optimism in you. Reading books on success as well as self-help books all have great effects on the development of this mentality. This helps you sustain good thinking as you continually feed your soul with success quotes as well as inspirational lines to get you psyched up to conquer the challenges of everyday.

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