Law of Attraction – The Biggest Block #shorts

Are You a Giving Person?

How often do we just give automatically because we’ve been told it’s something we “should” do? And how often do we give based on the expectation of getting something back?

Gratitude Revisited

Lately I have been spending time immersed in gratitude. Each and every day regardless of my circumstances, I make an effort to recognize the abundance in my life. I believe that doing this daily has enhanced my awareness and increased my virtue.

Receiving Prosperity Into Your Life

Proven steps to receive abundance and prosperity. Know why they are yours for the taking now!

The Four P’s Subliminal Messages Can Reward You With

There are many things in life that we need for us to achieve full contentment. Unfortunately, usually these things are very elusive, and when they come, they don’t all come together. But now, there is a way to invite all these four important things, the four P’s, and stage a complete turnaround in your life.

Are You Dissin’ Your Money?

Taking care of our money, tending to this relationship, takes as much time, energy, and intention as any other important relationship in our lives. If you want greater ease around money, and would like more money to come into your life, I ask you to examine what you are putting into this relationship.

Common Misconceptions About the Law of Attraction: It Is Not Just About Thinking and Feeling

Most people perceive that The law of attraction is just about “think and you will receive.” The Law of attraction was on the hype because of the book, and then made video called “The Secret.” It was a best seller indeed, read by thousands and maybe watched by millions.

Teach Me How To Attract Abundance

Attracting Abundance is not complicated. We are all doing it all the time. Here’s where you can find out what you need to do as well as what not to do to make your dreams reality.

The Faith With No EYES, Speaking Of Blind Faith – We Use It Every Day

I was wondering do we really use blind faith every day of our lives. It might be a subject well worth looking at to determine if there are solution we are over looking that just be the answers to our problems we are having today.

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