Law of Attraction – The Growth Momentum #shorts

Creating Prosperity – How To Imagine Your Desires to Be True

Everyone has things that they wish and desire to have in their lives. For some it may be money, others love, others that high priced toy they have always wanted. The good news is that you and everyone else can have their desires if they follow a few simple steps and believe.

Introversion and Happiness – Is There a Correlation?

As a very strong introvert on the Myers Briggs scale, and as someone who is very happy, I feel very well qualified to be able to share my wisdom on this category. For a long time I fought against what defined me as an introvert because I game into societal pressures about what I was supposed to think and act like. As soon as I owned the beauty of being an introvert and stopped trying to “fit in” I became much happier.

Having Trouble Increasing Your Fees? It’s Not a Money Issue!

If you are a woman in the healing arts professions, a heart-centered entrepreneur, do you have a lot of trouble increasing your fees and feeling good about it? Do you believe that people really need what you have to offer, yet, you have difficulty increasing your fees for the work you do in helping others?

Tips to Be Happy in Life

There are some simple easy things you can do every day to ensure that you are happy and have a happy life. These do not take a lot of time or energy but that are simple foolproof ways of bringing a smile to your face and creating a more happy life. Some create the environment for happiness and some are simple tools to be happier. Combined they are all simple tips to be happy in life.

Being Happy – Don’t Let the Negatives Get You Down

The road of life has its ups and downs, things will be going great at times, and you will face some difficulties at times. The secret is to not let the negatives get to you and stay focused on all of the good stuff in your life.

How to Read For Fun

I think it is a shame that so few people still find joy in reading. I have to blame our educational system for taking the joy out of reading. I think if people could get back to finding and reading what they love and doing it on a regular basis over all people would be happier and enjoy their lives a little more.

Extroversion and Happiness – Is There a Correlation?

Is there something inherent in an extrovert that makes them happier than an introvert? Is their outgoing personality (which is not the true definition of an extrovert) what is making them happier? Simply put, possibly, but this is not the case for all extroverts.

Are You Having Tough Times?

Are you unemployed? You can’t find any work? You don’t know where to turn? Times are tough in today’s economy!

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