Law of Attraction – The Path to Least Resistance #shorts

3 Tips For Using The Law Of Attraction To Attract Your Desires

3 Tips that will kick-start you attracting your desires by using the law of attraction. Most people don’t understand how important these 3 foundational techniques are to attracting your desires. Most people don’t even know they’re a problem.

What Do People Say About Money?

Money is a tool, a trial and a test. If you want to expose a man’s true character, give him access to large sums of money. Money reveals the heart of a man and the quality of his character. The great king Solomon said, “Money answers all things” In essence, money explains everything. The poor want it. The rich hoard it. It will control these who do not control it, and destroys those who love it. Yet it is necessary for life and required for living effectively. The average man works for it, but the wise man makes it work for him!

Finding Hope For Your Prosperity

In a time when the world seems filled with chaos and doubt, it sometimes seems almost impossible to find hope. Hope in the future, hope in yourself, and hope in your ability to find prosperity in your life. You seek prosperity but deep within you, there lies a doubt.

How To Pray For Financial Break-Throughs

Prayer for financial break-throughs is a worthy discussion. In these economic times, it is good to know that we have a God Who is not limited to this world’s economy. He supplies our needs according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. We need money in order to handle the various responsibilities of life and to this the Scriptures agree, for The Holy Bible says that money answers all things. Note very carefully however that it does not say money is the answer to everything. There is a difference. Money is the answer to the varied needs in this natural physical world. Money is also important when it comes to the work of God being done in the earth, for money is needed to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Yes indeed, the work of God needs wealth in order to accomplish its mission and mandate.

How Do I Reduce Guilt for Receiving Blessings and Abundance?

Guilt is an emotion that tells us we have violated our own rules or beliefs. So, if you are paid more than you think you deserve, maybe money comes too easy, or when people genuinely want to give to you because they so appreciate what you have given to them, you will feel guilty for receiving abundantly because your deeper belief dictates that you have not given enough value.

How to Build Your Energy to Attract Money

What is money but a form or energy? Money is really an exchange of value for value or energy for energy. So, if you want to attract more money, then it’s a given that you need to build your energy. Here’s how you can do that easily.

How to Let Go of Your Desires to Experience True Abundance

There is something in the process of letting go of your desires that brings true abundance. This universal truth is prevalent in religions around the world. Letting go of the coveted desire seems to bring it into your life faster than you can imagine. It’s actually the opposite of the idea that if you really focus on a particular desire and you really work hard for it, then you will achieve that goal or desire.

Tips for Attracting Positive Energy and Good Luck

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling really positive throughout your day that good luck seems to pop up within that good day as well? It is true that good luck and positive energy go hand-in-hand. Therefore, by creating more positive energy, your luck will increase as well.

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