Law of Attraction – Two Perspectives on Money #shorts

The Last Day of Your Life

Recently, lots of movies, books and self help Gurus have offered their take on the so called “Bucket List”. The bucket list is that collection of things you’d like to achieve before you kick the proverbial bucket. For those reading this who are not native English speakers, let me translate for you. Everyone has a list of places they want to visit, certain skills they want to learn and projects they want to complete before they die. Each of us has a different list and each of us have differing levels of importance placed on each item on their list.

Attract Money With The Law of Attraction?

Money can be earned, obtained and made, but cannot be attracted. Most people would agree with this statement. But in reality, the last part of the statement is not true. One can certainly attract money, and it is very much possible in the world of today. By making our thoughts work on the “law of attraction,” any body can become a magnet for money.

Attracting Abundance With The Law of Attraction – Fact Or Fiction?

The Law of Attraction is an extremely famous law. It is known by almost every person who has received basic primary education. This law suggests that things similar in nature have a tendency to get attracted to each other. People wanting to live a peaceful life full of luxuries often follow this principle. Attracting abundance is one way of achieving that lifestyle. It means that one should desire of having more in life, and this would result in a life full of happiness.

You Must Prepare To Receive Large Amounts of Money

I heard something a while ago that I thought was brilliant: you can’t manage large gobs of money until you are able to manage SMALL gobs of money. I know some people might think this is self-evident, but this statement reminded me of how learning this helped me several years ago. I can remember a time starting out when I wasn’t making very much money, so I just let it all hang out in my checking account.

How to Get Rich – The Secret to the Billionaire Mindset

During my childhood, my father gave me the best advice on how to get rich I ever received. He told me, “Jeff, if you want to become successful at something, find someone who’s successful at what you want to do and emulate that person.” I want to become a billionaire. So naturally, I went looking for what makes a billionaire’s mind tick. I became obsessed over billionaire biographies from Warren Buffett to Bill Gates. Some very interesting bits of information found, as well as some surprising ones. As every word travels form this article to your brain you’ll start to feel energized as you learn about the billionaire mindset.

How to Save More Money and Get Out of Debt, and Learn to Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill proved that there really is a formula to gaining more money and one of the most essential steps begins at learning to save more money. This isn’t always easy for some and does require a few changes that appear challenging on the surface. Given enough conditioning you can actually think and save your way into feeling wealthier.

Cut Loose With the Law of Attraction

Being a negative thinker is like walking uphill with a big boulder chained to your back. There’s no joy, there’s no excitement in your life. Life like this is, well, exhausting.

Overcoming The Fear For Prosperity

Fear, it seems sometimes as though fear is the most powerful motivator. It is possible that for many of us that is exactly what fear is. This is the thing that drives so many people to do nothing.

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