Law of Attraction – What Prevents The Cork From Floating? #shorts

How to Change Your Mindset to Bring Abundance and Joy to Your Life

How would you like to bring more abundance and joy into your life? It’s easy if you’re willing to shift your mindset. You may not believe this, but most people have 60,000 or more thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thoughts running through your mind! The question is, what are you thinking? If you’re like most people, your thoughts are filled with fear and worry. It’s time to say goodbye to worrisome mindset and embrace a positive and uplifting one that could change your life.

Stop Chasing and Start Attracting Abundance – 4 Keys Open Treasures of Supernatural Prosperity!

Why should you maintain a skin care that suits for you? Supernatural prosperity is a treasure to receive. If you want to be a channel for God’s prosperity, then stop chasing after it and start attracting it, by applying God’s “mysterious” laws of multiplication.

Growing Prosperity – Do These 2 Roadblocks Detour You From Receiving God’s Best?

Struggle with trying to grow prosperity? Feel like God is against you? Find out if these 2 roadblocks are detouring you from receiving God’s best!

Growing Prosperity – Want 3 Sure-Fire Keys to Unleash the Abundance of God in Your Life?

Why continue to settle for just enough to get by? Why not believe God to help you move forward with Him and unleash the abundance of God in your life?

Shape-Shifting Octopus Proves Possibilities

Have you seen the octopus that becomes a bush? Actually, it becomes anything it wants to by changing its coloring to completely match its surroundings. It does this so well that it is impossible to see it, even to the sharp-eyed predator looking for it.

The Pledge, Your Master Plan For An Abundant Life

In “The Pledge” Masterson emphasizes “taking action” as the seminal means to achieving success. In example after example he illustrates how “most people” never realize their full potential, nor achieve their most cherished dreams because they are immobilized by fear or ignorance, or are willing to live with an uneasy satisfaction for the status quo. People fail because they aren’t willing to imagine, plan and take deliberate action.

Do You Have “Enough?”

One of the first concepts we run across nowadays when we begin a spiritual path is the idea that we create our own reality (as part of the so-called “Law of Attraction”). Most of us believe in that, to one degree or another (because the results of a simple cause-and-effect pattern simply can’t be denied, even on the most simple terms. You tell your boss to go sh*t in his hat, you get fired. Etc.)

5 Steps To Think Right and Get Rich

Everybody on the planet, including rich people, WANTS to be rich. You want to be rich and I want to be rich. Beware of the person who says that they don’t want to be rich.

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