Law of Attraction – What Shapes Our Vibration #shorts

Is Cheap Really Cheerful?

There are often times where buying cheaply is a wise decision, but equally there are areas where it makes sense to spend more and buy the best possible quality. Sometimes it is important to pay for better quality for a variety of reasons.

Manifesting Your Desires – The Law of Attraction

If you want to manifest your desires, you must first know what your desires are. By writing out your desires and accompanying them with positive affirmations you can manifest your desires in your life.

Using Feng Shui To Become A Client Magnet

Would you love to know how you can raise your business profile and profits easily? The answer is to find a way of attracting your clients and becoming a client magnet, not pursuing them with hard sell techniques and energy wasting sales attempts. As women in business, Feng Shui can help us draw customers by helping you create an approach that is uniquely suited to your personality, business and Soul Purpose. You know how important a first impression is and how it makes you feel. Building trust and rapport is extremely important in determining whether or not you can close the deal. Few sales are made on words alone.

Feng Shui For Women In Business

It’s amazing to think that on 8th March 2011 we shall be celebrating 100 Years of International Women’s Day and, because of the wonderful forward thinking women that started this movement, entrepreneurial opportunities for women in business have never been more abundant than they are right now. Using feng shui for business, our prosperity is rising as more and more of us are tapping into the amazing energy, freedom and flexibility that this opportunity creates and women are starting their own businesses to bring innovation and expertise to the market at record rates.

Yes, You Can and the Law of Attraction Can Help You!

Yes, you can! You can have the life you want. You have everything you need – a mind and a heart to follow your dreams. Just the fact that you have a dream means you can make it come true. And how do you do that?

Why Become an Early Riser

I still remember this old proverb I used to say as a toddler: “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – and women of course! Little did I know it was a classic proverb that was attributed to Benjamin Franklin back in the 1700s and how apt these wise words are to this day.

Remove Rocks, Cultivate Gratitude

Where we live, the ground is hard and filled with rocks, not the kind of ground in which you can throw a seed and expect it to grow. Work is required.

Money Problems: The Real Reason You Hate Your Job

It’s not about the demanding boss. It’s not about the pressing deadlines. It’s not about the morning traffic. It’s not even about the mean office mates. Inevitably, it’s all about the seemingly endless money problems that make your job a big headache. Here’s how to get an idea of what exactly is the reason behind hating your job.

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