Law of Attraction – What Shapes Your Vibration #shorts

Trying To Gain Abundance – Does Positive Thinking Work?

Positive thinking is a tool to gaining abundance but you have to know that it is not about thinking positively just a couple times a day, you have to be positive more times during the day than you are negative. When you look at the saying- “as a man thinketh, so is he”- you notice that it does not say “as a man thinks”, or “as a man thought”; it says thinketh, because if you thought positive for 4 minutes in the morning and then the rest of the day, you are thinking negative, what do you think you would get? That’s right- LACK.

Learn How to Attract Wealth Into Your Life

You probably already know that it is possible to learn how to attract wealth into your life. Imagine if you could have everything that you want.

To Become Rich, You Have To Visualize Being Rich

It has been said that “as a man thinketh in his mind, so is he”; and when you think long enough, you start to form visions in your mind, thus, you are visualizing. The last sentence is just to give you an understand of the title of this article – which is, “to become rich, you have to visualize being rich”. And I stand to say that that is the beginning of all riches.

Ways You Can Feel Rich Now

I have always believed, and it remains a fact, that becoming rich starts with the feeling of it; the physical materialization in the real world then follows. So, for those that just want to feel rich for the sake of it, they have an added advantage of becoming rich sooner than later.

Looking Rich From the Inside Out

What would it feel like to get out of bed and say, “I want to look rich today?” Too often we get up, look in the mirror (or avoid it until the last minute) and go “ugh.” The problem is that our bodies may not reflect our imaginations. Looking rich only from the clothes we wear is a big mistake; it’s fleeting. So here are a few quick and easy pointers to start looking rich from the inside out:

How to Define Your Personal Prosperity

How do you define your personal prosperity? This is a question that haunted me for a long time. After careful study and reflection I learned to see myself for who I was and who I wanted to be and I was able to start to see my accomplishments for the first time.

Be A Person of Value

Booker T Washington a leader and advocate for the freedom of slaves once said that if he were to clean floors he would put so much effort into it that everyone who saw the floor would know that Booker T Washington had cleaned it. Being of value means that you add to the thing you are doing. In other words you put more of yourself in to that given thing.

If What You Want to Manifest Just Isn’t Happening, Try These 5 Steps

The very fact that your vision is on your radar screen means you’re heading in the right direction. Sometimes there’s simply one little step that is eluding you. Other times you just need to get our of your own way. There are highly effective, efficient ways to do this. Most importantly, don’t lose heart. Employing these steps will move you toward your goal sooner than later. Don’t lose heart! Read on…

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