Law of Attraction – Your Purpose #shorts

Are You Ready To Attract An Abundance of Money Into Your Life?

Is attracting money into your life a never-ending struggle? Are money worries constantly occupying your thoughts? Change your life now by uncovering the proven formula that will guarantee your life attracts unlimited success, prosperity and an abundance of money.

Fear: The Destroyer Of Prosperity

Fear: the destroyer of prosperity. This may sound harsh, this may sound insane but it is real and it is painful. When we allow our fears to keep us from reaching our dreams we destroy our chances of finding prosperity.

Using Your Confidence To Achieve Prosperity

Prosperity seems at times just beyond your reach. What if the problem was not that is was out of your reach but that you just were not reaching high enough? Often times it is our lack of confidence in ourselves that causes us to doubt our ability to “reach for the stars.”

Should You Be Afraid Of Money Spells?

Money spells are innocuous. Like many tools, they are neutral. Positivity or negativity depend on what they are used for, who they are used by, and how they are used.

How to Stop Distractions From Robbing You of Your Time and Money

Notice what triggers your distractions. Do distractions take over at the point when you don’t exactly know what might be next in moving your project forward to completion? I have personally, as well as many of my creative clients, experienced the uncomfortable “I don’t know what to do next” stage of the creative process when bringing something new into the world.

Increasing Income Without Going Crazy

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. This is especially true when it comes to income. Do you have all of your eggs in one basket? To answer this, you have to understand the difference between “different baskets” and just putting “more eggs in the same basket.” A basket is a type of vehicle you use to accomplish something.

Abundance and Prosperity – Giving Great Meaning to Your Life

To allow abundance and prosperity flowing freely, you must learn how to value your life and the people around you. Positive energies must be always at work for one to become successful in manifesting their desires and living the life of their dreams.

Just Believe!

I think there are two basic reasons why Christians don’t pray: 1) They don’t believe God wants to answer their prayers and, 2) They don’t believe God will answer their prayers. If Christians truly believed that God will answer prayer and that He wants to answer, more Christians would be praying. The purpose of this devotional is to try to convince you through God’s Word that He is waiting to answer the prayers of His children.

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