Law of Attraction – Your Reality Is A Reflection #shorts

Wealth Creation – How To Get Rich

So you want to learn how to get rich. Terrific! You’re in luck because today I’m going to show you three ways to the riches you desire and undoubtedly deserve. Specifically, I’m going to talk to you about the importance of your mindset, your education, and your habits, and the effect they will have on your ability to get rich. If you were looking for a one-click solution to riches, then this isn’t the article for you. But if you truly desire true wealth, then by the time you finish reading this, you will have the knowledge you need to get rich.

Are You Tired of Your Own Story? How to Change It!

Which stories do you choose to feed? You’ve heard that what you focus on expands. But do you realize that your brain loves to collect evidence to support that story you are focused on?

Do You Know What Kind of a Relationship You Have With Your Career or Your Business?

Think about what makes up a relationship. There is you and the other. In addition, whether you realize it or not, you have a perception of yourself relative to the other person, and a perception of the other person relative to you. So, you with all of your known and unknown perceptions and ideas, constitute your relationships.

A Biblical Model For Sustainable Living

The biblical model for sustainable living has eluded mankind throughout the ages. While the common man has dreamed of a utopian society that could be achieved via a plethora of isms (capitalism, socialism, communism, and so on), that utopia has never been achieved due to mans corruption of the ideals of whatever ism is in place.

Help Yourself When No One Else Will

Most people want to improve themselves and their lives while at the same time establishing abundance in life. There may not always be other people to help you, but there are ways to get there by helping yourself.

Law Of Attraction: Rule Opportunities With Inspired Actions

Mankind has been created with the ability to self-regulate themselves. We have the ability to control our emotions, behaviors and desires in order to obtain the rewards that we look forward to. In fact, rationally we can say we hold the capacity to efficiently manage our future through a series of decision-making and inspired actions depending on our level of self-control.

Path to Prosperity: Treat Your Car Like It Is Your Dream Car

Really turn up the charge of your Prosperity Mindset by acting as if you already own your dream car. By treating your current car like your dream car the Law of Attraction doors are wide open for your future dream car to arrive. By focusing on your gratitude and appreciation for your current car your fondest heart’s desires will be closer to manifesting than ever!

While the Power-Players Take a Break

Today America’s power-elite are playing hard-core Monopoly. This is nothing new, since our heritage is one of profit. The game has simply been stepped up a couple of notches. Money is being created and given away, only not to the people. It is being handed freely to the sons and daughters of America’s original Industrial Barons. You gotta keep the money in the family, right?

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