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Getting What You Want – A Bicycle Metaphor

I ride a bicycle, one of those super light road bikes that you can pick up with one finger. When I first started writing this kind of bike I was, to say the least, very nervous and somewhat tense, holding onto the handlebars tighter than I should.

Global Contribution – Kiva and Loans That Change Lives

Leyla Aliyeva, an internally displaced person from an occupied territory in Azerbaijan, is trained as a lawyer, but to support herself after being uprooted and then resettled in a new region, she had to look for a new means of income. She opened a glassware business. Juliet Oki, mother of two, lives in Ajambadi, Nigeria.

How to Accelerate Your Wealth in Three Steps

What makes the difference between poverty and richness? Some of the rich people we know are not more trained than we are, are not smarter but they do things differently and their financial results speak for themselves.

Finding Your Authentic Emotions

You’re getting what you are FEELING about (not what you’re THINKING about). Here’s how to get at the specific vibration you’re sending out.

The Path to Inner Peace Leads to Prosperity

I am going to share with you a story about a Hebrew King who was born during a time when his country was being ruled and oppressed by people who were from another country. When this Hebrew King was born, his kinsmen were very excited because they believed that his birth was prophesied and through his rule they would finally be able to get from under the oppressive government that they were being subjected to and return back to living in a time of peace and monetary prosperity like they had experienced during the days of old.

Need Money Fast? 3 Radically Simple Ways to Make Money When You’re Desperate For Cash

Who else needs money fast? Are you searching and struggling for some quick cash schemes that will work in a pinch? Or maybe you simply want to earn some extra money without working really hard?

It’s Easy to Earn Money

It’s easy to earn money! Earning money has nothing to do with your age, your education, where you live, whether you are male or female, or married or single. It has nothing to do with your intelligence. Illiterate people have become millionaires and absolutely brilliant people are broke. Unfortunately, about 98 percent of all people live their entire lives without ever learning how to earn money.

3 Keys in Manifesting What You Want to Create Easily – Key 2

The second key in the 3 keys in manifesting what you want to create easily process is to identify what it is that you want to create and connect to that aliveness or longing that excites you. Most people are using the law of attraction to attract what they want from the feeling of need or lack, from not having, resisting what they do not like that is facing them in the moment, or from hopelessness.

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