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From Purpose to Prosperity For Women – Do What You Love and Double Your Income!

This article is about directing your life’s compass on the road to success and prosperity. Unlock your life’s purpose, find out what you love, and live the life you came to live. Read on to get started.

2 Secrets to Get You Rich

Numerous research papers and literature articles report that people who were healthier and more happier tend to have a high income! People who have a high income or have a lot of financial freedom are people who are rich. Being rich is one of the most desirable thing to be in today’s society and it gives you numerous advantages in life! Here are 2 secrets to get yourself rich!

The Hidden Abundance of Letting Go – Clearing Physical, Mental and Emotional Space

We often think that organization is just about making a room look “neater.” But in reality, the clutter in a physical space affects much more than just that room.

Forget Billionaire and Millionaires – 3 Tips to Claim Your Status As a Thousandaire!

What If I gave you a golden “Debit Card,” and it was the only card you needed to lead an abundant life? Every merchant in the world would accept this card and your account never depleted? Imagine you used this debit card for the next 5 years, and one day your accountant did an inventory of all your expenses to report your that on average, you spent $950K to live on each year? In addition, imagine you had “enough” in savings and all of your bills were paid? You officially wear the badge of a Thousandaire!

Saving Money and What That Says to the Universe

Is saving your money in-line with a healthy prosperity mentality? Well, it all depends on your consciousness. Remember, the consciousness behind your decisions is what is most important as your feelings don’t lie. The universe responds to your true feelings, not just actions.

What to Do When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Does the law of attraction work every time? If so, why aren’t people getting what they say they want? What am I doing wrong if I’m not getting the results I’m visualizing?

Wake Up and Dream – Wake Up and Live!

Wake up and live. Many of us are sleep walking with our eyes open however, not able to see. Wake up and live, wake up and dream. We are not here to merely survive, we are here to thrive. Live in your splendor. Live a life of brilliance. Dream big dreams and they will come true.

True Abundance Takes Perseverance

This is a story about abundance, assuming that you are still working on abundance and haven’t been born with it. It’s not a “how-to” get abundance, but the story of how everyone gets it. This is a story that describes the way that the Universe works. Perhaps your answer is here.

Growing Your Abundance

Often, people have specific goals in mind when they are thinking of abundance. They might want a million dollars, or they might think that a fancy car such as a Mercedes or Rolls Royce would do it. And then they look at their Ford or their Honda and think, “Not yet. Someday.” This is a mistake if you have any idea that the Law of Attraction will help you.

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