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The Root of All Evil – Is it the Money?

People always say that the love of money is the root of all evil. But is it really?

How to Get Rich – Secrets to Living a Long and Totally Fulfilled Life

You are not without ability. You are appointed to inherit unsearchable riches. You are an incomparable owner of the world in view of the fact that you are heir of God. The wealth and riches of the system that drives the progress of humanity belongs to you because, have all you need to discover the real you! Please Read on!

Bliss – Is Just a Thought Away

What if all you had to do was have a thought and it was manifested into your life. Seems rather simple. Taking control of our thoughts and not letting your thoughts control you.

The Law of Attraction and the Non-Duality Business Model

There is no doubt that creating a business is something that anyone who wants to create freedom in time and money should do and that business should an online one: but what business model should a person choose that would guarantee their success? In my opinion and experience everything points to the ‘non-duality’ business model and here I will explain why…

Abundant Practices

Are you feeling a lack of abundance in your daily life? Do you feel a shortage of time, confidence, money or luxury? Learn how to have daily practices that support you in feeling and acting abundant.

Keys to Manifesting Abundance – The Difference Between Receiving and Taking

If you want to manifest abundance in any area of your life you need to be open and willing to receive what comes to you. There are those who have a problem with receiving. They have a belief which formed when they were very young that receiving from others was wrong. There are various reasons why.

How to Create a Life Full of Magic

Have you ever wondered why some people live a life full of magic, wonder and prosperity and the rest of humanity leads a pedestrian existence, filled with monotony and one paycheck away from poverty? I’ve been playing with this Rubik’s Cube of a question for years.

Manifesting Abundance – The Power of Ritual

The rituals in our lives have great meaning and power. Think about the ritual of a holiday meal. When I was living at home, we all knew exactly what was going to happen on Thanksgiving. We’d all check out the turkey to be sure it was big enough for the seven of us… with lots of room for rice dressing. We’d have the rolls, delicious gravy, the asparagus dish (yum), cauliflower with cheese sauce (OK, but not my favorite), cranberry jelly and other goodies.

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