Miraculous Benefits of Eating 100-Year-Old Ghee

Prosperity and Money Making Lessons

What has a new-born baby got to do with making money, you ask? Plenty! In this article, I will be sharing at least three out of so many insights I got from the birth of this guy.

Putting Yourself First

Underpinning this whole process is the ability to put yourself first. Most people fail to do this. The main reason why people don’t (put themselves first) and become their own person is that they are too focused on the needs of their parents and other people in life. “But what may they think?”

“The Rotor Tiller” – How The Vacuum Law of Prosperity Manifested in a Dramatic Way

The morning passed in the most amazing way. People were expressing heartfelt gratitude to us, for the things we were giving away were valuable treasures to them. Some stuffed money into my hand anyway and many gave us hugs of thanks, as a couple of women thanked me with tears in their eyes. Almost everyone wanted to know why we were doing this and I simply explained that we had been so blessed; we wanted to show our gratitude by doing something like this for others. I was really feeling great when one gentleman, who seemed inspired by our generosity, asked me if I knew anyone who could use a garden tractor.

A Giving Heart

Now, there is nothing wrong with a fair business transaction. As a finance guy and a deal maker, I appreciate business as much as the next person. In fact, I consider it a matter of the highest personal integrity to pursue only win-win deals, or no deal. However, this article is about having a giving heart, not about equanimity. If we are giving a part of ourselves, our lives, or better yet personally sacrificing something for someone else, that really demonstrates a giving heart.

Couple Uses Laws of Success to Win Sweepstakes

I filled out what would be the first of several forms over the next few weeks and months, and as I did, I formed the clear and distinct image in my mind that not only did I want us to win, the $1000.00 prize, but I got the distinct image in my mind that we would actually win the prize. In that moment I could clearly feel what it would be like to win the prize and felt the gratitude that comes with winning. This kicks off the laws of perpetual transmutation and attraction. Our prize began moving into physical form for us right then.

Lee Iacocca Quotes: Can You Manage Your Way To Abundance?

When you think of abundance do you think of management? If you are in a management position or you are aiming for one, I am sure you do! If you are a salesman, an entrepreneur, a teacher or in a relationship, you may not think of abundance in terms of management, but it would serve you well to do so.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Quotes: You Must Overcome This Difficulty To Be A Success!

Why is it that some people seem to accomplish so much in so little time? How come you constantly hear stories of somebody who was broke as a joke and then all of a sudden a year later they have made six or seven figures?

Basics on the Study of Attracting Money

Most people want more money than what they currently have. It’s not being selfish, it’s simply our human need to evolve and continue to grow as creative beings. Taking up the study of attracting money is essential if you wish to gain more than, say, a small percent wage increase at your current job. All great thinkers develop their money attracting capabilities, and the systems is actually quite elementary.

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