Moon Manifestation Ritual: How to Harness the Energy of the Moon (Full Moon Manifestation)

The Mindset Required Before You Can Attract Money

I really believe in the law of attraction but I have a little trouble “visualizing” sometimes – I think there is just a difference between how people’s minds work, and if some people paint a vivid picture and see the waves lapping at their feet etc when they close their eyes then this is great, for myself the law of attraction is a mixture of planning, physical action and progress towards my goals and keeping a focus in mind of where I want to progress rather than this vivid imagination.

Money Attraction – Do You Make This Mistake?

We’ve all been there; you get up way too early and go to a job that you can’t stand (for whatever reasons), just so you can make some money. And you keep doing it day after day, because you feel like you have to, that it’s all going to fall apart if you don’t.

Homeless – Stranded, & Need Help

Even if you do not see them, they are there. Every day they are standing at the stoplight at the interstate ramp of I-40 at 15-501. They are holding signs that say, “Homeless, Stranded, Need Help.”

Think Rich And Stop Worrying About Money

If you think rich, you’re much more likely to become rich. This is the unanimous verdict from speaking to every wealthy person I know – and from my own research and experience in the field of generating wealth. Whilst I can’t promise you millions overnight, if you apply the advice in this and the following articles you won’t worry about cash anymore, you’ll stop seeing money as the “be all and end all” of your life – and somehow you’ll almost certainly attract more cash into your life.

Abundant Moments

With an increasingly instant world comes the risk of not appreciating and enjoying the overflowing gifts of each moment. The sun streaming in our windows, the voice of a loved one, the tips of daffodils emerging through the earth, and the flight of a bird are all enough just in themselves, if we are paying attention.

Know Your Cash Flow

Wealthy people spend with awareness instead of spending with their emotions. Learn to shift your thoughts and emotions so you attract more money to you. Awareness of your current patterns helps you change them so you create what you want.

How to Be a Magnet to Money – Attract Wealth With a Simple State of Mind

So, obviously you clicked here because you want to learn how to be a magnet to money. What is it that some people have that makes them so conscious to money no matter what the situation? As we all know, we are going though some tough times. Still, there are a few individuals that are making money, while the others are flat broke.

Which Option Will You Choose?

I read a great article the other day that was entitled ‘where do you put your attention?’ The point of the article was that wherever we put or attention we can choose to find good OR bad, ie if we look around us at the beauty of life and have a positive attitude we will see things positively and if we look for the odd pothole in an otherwise perfectly beautiful surrounding – we will be sure to find it. How true!

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