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How Abundance Mentality Gets You What You Want Part 1

An abundance mentality comes through knowing exactly what you want. If we do not understand what we want, we cannot expect to gain much. There are 7 techniques to knowing what you want. This article covers the first, How to determine what you want.

How to Attract More Money Into Your Life – The Easy Way

You may have heard of The Secret. If not, you would definitely have heard of the Law of Attraction. Well this article isn’t going to explain how it works in detail, but it WILL tell you how you can apply the rules to your life in a few easy steps.

3 Life Changing Lessons From Jerry and Esther Hicks

What are the 3 most important, life changing lessons taught by Jerry and Esther Hicks? In this article, I’ll reveal just that, and show you how you can use them to create incredible changes in your life.

Bigger Bags Full of Life’s Abundance

First of all it’s a concept. It’s a dream. It is the birth of possibility. Perhaps it’s a world beyond what we’ve ever known it to be. It’s hence a miracle – something hardly believable – yet true it is in its eternal availability.

Making Peace With Now

One of the most misunderstood strategies of attraction is surrendering into your current reality. Are you stuck facing a reality that you don’t love? Make peace with your current reality so you can upgrade to your next reality.

Brad Yates – What Can We Learn From His Teachings?

Brad Yates is a prominent EFT and abundance teacher. His work has had a major impact of the lives of many. In this article I summarize some of his most important ideas.

Three Ways to Short-Circuit a Rich, Fulfilled Life

As a financial advisor, I work with individuals to help them live a full, rich, rewarding, fulfilled life. This, to me, is a truly fulfilled life. However, every day I meet scores of people who are short-circuiting this type of life. They do this in many and varied ways, but in this article I want to point out three main ones.

Michael Losier – What I Learnt From the Teachings of Michael Losier

Michael Losier became famous for his book called: “Law of Attraction: The Science Of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t”. In this article I discuss some of the important lessons I’ve taken from Michael’s teachings and how you can apply them to make astonishing changes to your life.

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