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What Other’s Don’t Know About You – Yet!

We often cannot see what is inside us because no one told us where or how to look. This will give you a nudge in the right direction!

The Curse of Hoarding: Breaking the Bonds of “Stuff”

To one extent or another, everybody collects “stuff”. Sometimes it’s for sentimental reasons, while other times it may be related to interests or hobbies. Occasionally, however, accumulating things can become obsessive or even destructive. Hoarding Disorder is a term labeling obsessive/compulsive collection. Identifying and correcting the problem is essential to lifting the curse of hoarding.

What Makes America Beautiful – Gratitude

What happens to a society that is allowed free expression? Over 250-years ago, a few brave men were willing to give their “last full measure of devotion” to find out. Over two centuries of free speech in America has demonstrated the following about what those men called “an inalienable right.”

A Brief History of Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard taught from his mid-thirties until nineteen seventy-two (the year he passed away), he spoke from the conception of God and insists that the Bible was a story intended to share information with the common people of the time and to express it in metaphors that spoke to the heart. This was not a popular or widely accepted idea in his day, but considering that his ideas were revolutionary in many ways, some decided to acknowledge and accept them. With self-taught enthusiasm for the workings of metaphysics, Neville summed up the lucidity and creative thinking of other…

Why Setting Goals Is More Than It Can Be Imagined

Introduction Experts underscore the importance of setting goals, basing on priority, health of relationships, state of business growth, and financial performance in order to achieve them. This information is based on experiences, theories, and insights about human behaviour. Pioritising goals: It is important to set goals to guide one’s path to successful career and life.

The Detriment of Victimization

It seems there are 3 levels of the term victim. Most common is the usage of the term for those who have been victimized via crime against their person. Mostly this is physical in nature, such as brutal attacks, rape or even homicide.

What Does It Mean to “Create Your Own Reality”?

Have you ever wondered what is meant by the statement, “You create your own reality”? Some people feel empowered when they hear this statement. Others think it is ridiculous BS. Those who feel empowered by it sometimes lose their empathy and compassion. They may go around challenging people: “Why do you think you manifested this cancer you have?” making people who buy into that idea feel horrible about themselves. But there is a sane middle ground here. Let’s take a deeper look.

The Not-So-Subtle Connection Between Stress and Poverty

The connection between poverty and performance, intelligence, education and stress is clear, but it is the reverse of what many believe to be true. This article looks at how the factors intertwine and create a quagmire for those in the lower socio-economic class.

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