Music to Attract Health, Money and Love | Abundance and Peace | Prosperity and Success | 432 hz

God, Money and You

So why is it hard for a rich man to go to heaven? Clearly the gentleman in the story was unable to let go of his possessions and in fact, his possessions had a hold on him. When we begin to rely on our money and less on God, is when we run the risk of losing sight of who we really are.

Be Motivational, Not Manipulative!

Set your mind on the right things. Let your thought be progressive, not aggressive. When your thought is moving forward and not backwards, you are motivating yourself and those around you.

Tips to Roll Away the Stone!

This is a new year, the dawn of a new era and the opening of a new page in your life. What is expected of you in this new year, month, week and day? Yesterday is gone and irretrievable but the experiences shouldn’t be buried with it.

Five Attributes of Grace!

Grace is the love and gift of God to mankind. This is what enables us to stand before our Creator without any feeling of condemnation or Low-self esteem. It is the ability and enablement that gives us the power to live the higher life. It also activates in us what it takes to achieve results that are extraordinary.

Four Principles That Will Make You Rich

If you want to become the top 5% performer in any field, you absolutely can, given that you undergo proper training and practice. The same goes for building wealth. If you know the principles of making money and you put it into action, you will find money. It’s as much of a universal law as the law of gravity.

Prosperity Comes From Knowing Yourself!

Prosperity by definition is where we are living a successful, flourishing and thriving life. When you have a big dream and you’re working toward realizing that dream, every day is exciting and becomes more fulfilling.

On the Threshold of Humanity

An attempt to wade through the muck and the mire of the world, and mobilize the cause of the human condition. To help tear down the walls which hold people in every way, from reaching their ultimate potential. In truth of service to others, in the broadest of ways, using the internet as a progressive tool to ease the sufferings of men, woman, and children no matter where they are, in friendship and companionship to somehow cure the ailments of humankind one person at a time.

Imagination And Prosperity

The most powerful thing you can be is the best thing that you can imagine from the ground up. When I was a little boy, my “big” dream was to survive, let alone be great. My point is the best winnings start from the ground up.

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