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Message From the Universe: A Life to Be Proud of!

One of the many daily motivational messages from the Universe offered by your virtual Therapist and coach. Inspirational advice to keep you motivated in moving forward in life despite the many challenges you will face. Never give up as great things are soon to happen. Love life as it loves you and always trust the Universe and yourself that greatness is yet to come. All our videos covers one specific topic related to life’s hurdles and I am sure that you are presently experiencing one of them at this given moment. Share it with others who may face similar predicaments.

The Habit Of Our Thinking

When we think about habits, most of the time, we think bad habits such as drinking, swearing, smoking, eating and so on. But if we take the time to ponder on this, we will realise that everything is a habit — procrastination is a habit, wealth is a habit, poverty is a habit, health is a habit.

Tidy Up Tuesdays – What Is It You Need to Declutter?

My experience speaks volumes to why “animals” became my clutter – the thing that I collected, kept, and wanted more of, even when it was too many. Even when it was inconvenient, expensive, and added stress to my already busy life. I didn’t realize it filled a loneliness, a void. An emotional memory of that time in my life with Tinker, where I was desperately lonely, with no friends or family nearby. It set the stage for years of trying to fill that void with more animals. The awareness that this was my clutter came to me more recently, as I began my journey towards minimalism.

How To Change Your Life For The Better With A Few Simple Strategies

Changing your life doesn’t necessarily require a huge upheaval. If things are generally running ok in some areas, but not in others, you can change your life from the inside which can have huge effects on what goes on in your day to day over time. Much of life is about what happens inside your own mind, and how you react to things in your life. Changing these is the first step towards lasting change.

Did You Ignore the Warning Signs?

Our money lives were a mess back then. It was hard to admit that we were a total shipwreck. Especially embarrassing since I am the “money gal” in this family. I’ve been counseling others on money and debt management,as well as the deeper issues that money elicits in us, for the better part of 20 years. Unimaginable for us to end up in such a seriously awful place with all this knowledge, expertise, and wisdom about money?

You Want It More Than Anything Why Can’t You Have It?

Over the years I have wanted, desired, sought after and pursued so many ideas, endeavors, careers, things, and lifestyles that it’s quite mind boggling. Did I get most of them? Heck no. Did I suffer or agonize over not having, getting, or achieving these things? Oh my gosh, yes!

No Pain, No Gain – Did You Agree to That?

No Pain. No Gain. Anyone else find that saying obnoxious? Or, dead wrong. Since when did we decide to apply this motto to everything? The belief that we must endure pain and stress to achieve professional excellence and a fulfilling, successful life?

Tidy Up Tuesdays: Do You Need Help With Your Office Supply Addiction?

Seriously! I think I need a 12-step program. For an office supplies addiction. Who in their right mind, other than a retail store, needs that many office supplies?

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