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Redefining Prosperity

“The economy is in a slump.” “People aren’t spending money on services.” You hear this, and more, every day. No wonder entrepreneurs lose sleep worrying about their financial future. Do we need to ‘buy into’ the pessimistic view? Let’s redefine prosperity so that it encompasses even more than what’s in our bank accounts.

3 Ways To Attract More Financial Prosperity In The Digital Economy As An Entrepreneur

We are so committed to succeeding as new age entrepreneurs and the information available today of best ways of “doing” things from a physical perspective in order to solve your money concerns is absolutely incredible. The strategies and techniques given are all great, but none of them can really get rid of fear. I wanna tell you, this spirit of fear is what you really want to understand and handle if you you desire more financial freedom.

First Five Secrets To Abundant Wealth

There is much to be said about acquiring wealth, but what about abundant wealth? That sounds even better yet, and you hold the power to accomplish this!

Can You Be Spiritual and Have Monetary Riches Too?

Is it really true that a rich man cannot enter the kingdom of heaven? Do we have to choose between being spiritual and enjoying a rich and opulent lifestyle? Many of us have ben led to believe in the falsehood of such ideas. We have separated monetary riches and God for far too long to our own detriment… It’s about time we shift that.

How To Live a Life of Infinite Abundance

Unless you were born super rich, I would venture to say you want to have more abundance in your life. Most people think of abundance as money. In our modern day society, that is understandable.

Don’t Just Sit There – Get Moving!

Don’t just sit there- get moving! Once you start to put it in gear you’ll find that burst of energy you were looking for. You’ll find that inspiration.

A Simple Formula For Alternative and Complementary Health Work

“I earn my living honestly” and “Devote yourself to your work” are two interpretations of the Reiki Principles gifted to us by Mikao Usui. I took them literally and lived as an energy practitioner since. So, how do you do it? How can you use your complementary or alternative health skills to live your authentic vocation dream?

How Your Subconscious Mind Works

Your subconscious mind is amazing. It can bring you what ever you desire once you learn to quiet your mind, control your thoughts and remove your limiting beliefs.

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