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Forgiveness: An Important Key to Unleash the Law of Attraction

Negative energy blocks impede the Law of Attraction from manifesting the good you want in life. You can overcome this challenge with forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves. It releases us from a pain-filled past, allows positive emotions to once again enter our lives, and enables us to shape our abundant and successful tomorrows. Don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness.

The Present and the Future

On Wednesday, when Ejike, eighteen years old, woke, he weighed his young life against that of others. Disappointed, he pushed aside a book he was supposed to read, so it almost fell off the circular table next to his bed. He would have preferred the book to fall off the table, and it pained him that it did not.

The Invisible Backpack – Travel Light to Travel Far

Cesare Pavese says, “If you want to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.” 3 Ways to unpack your emotional bags so you can reach your destination.

Protecting Against Financial Abuse

Are you losing money to financial abuse? One of the biggest threats are from people close to you. Learn how to spot the addictive personality and protect your finances, health and sanity.

Would You Like An Easier Method To Deal With Conflict?

If you’re like most of us, you weren’t taught in school how to deal with conflict when you were growing up. That’s because our parents and teachers weren’t experts in this subject and didn’t know how could they teach us something that they were still figuring out. So, we learned by example – we mirrored what we saw.

Words You Can Never Ever Use Again (If You Want to Be Successful)

I NEVER REALIZED that by using these words, I was eroding my self-confidence. I wonder how often you’re using them?

Did You Know Your Beliefs Are Controlling You?

Did you know your beliefs control your life? Even ones you swear you no longer believe exist. Like the boogeyman in the closet. As an adult, you know he was a figment of your childhood imagination. But, did he really disappear as you grew into adulthood? Or, is it possible you just transferred that fear to strangers on the street or scary burglars who could break into your home?

Embrace the Haters

It can be a challenge to distinguish between well intentioned friends and haters. To do so, it’s important to discern others intentions accurately to identify a friend from a hater. Often, haters come disguised as friends. One way to distinguish between a friend and hater is to examine your social circle. Should you find you are unable to recall instances of support or celebration in return for support shown or the equal give and take is very one sided, you may be dealing with a hater or simply a selfish individual.

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