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Get Rich Quick Vs Be Rich Now

When it comes to wealth, people often struggle because they spend their lives trying to get rich. Try this instead: Be Rich Now. This article shows you exactly how it works!

Manifesting Abundance – Make Sure You Avoid This Common Mistake

If you are intent on manifesting abundance, you may find that you are going about it in the wrong way. This technique will help get you back on track to manifesting what you really want.

Are You Comfortable With Money?

To be lined up with having more money, our thoughts and feelings must be ones of having enough, abundance, gratitude, and joyful expectation. So how do we switch from feeling fear or lack to abundance and gratitude when everyday we are facing not having enough?

Desire Rain

Deep with your being is your higher self. It is the creative force within you that’s responsible for bringing abundance into your life. It does not know of any bounds and cannot be contained. It is boundless and eternal. Within this higher self is the spark of thought and creation.


[This commentary is not meant to offend anyone. It’s merely a discerning Juxtaposition with Pun, Fun, & Sun.] No need to show me the money, honey… I AM MONEY!

Carol Look – Attracting Abundance

Do you have a desire to attract abundance into your life? Have you considered trying emotional freedom technique or commonly called EFT?

Create an Abundance of Love With One Easy Secret

We all have our own ideas about love – what it should look like, how it should feel, who it should be with, and how that person should behave. The funny thing is that love isn’t something we are supposed to have or get. Love is something that transforms us. Love reveals more love to us. Love shows us the truth of who we are, what we are, what life and God and the universe really is. Love is the foundation of an abundant life.

Seven Steps To Financial Prosperity

Financial prosperity requires a step-by-step strategy involve anyone desirous of success must faithfully implement. It is a state of financial abundance.

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