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Get Seriously Rich – How to Attract Anything You Desire in Life

The Law of Attraction has been around for a lot of years now. Though it was always rather popular among the self-help searchers and practitioners it’s only recently that it has accumulated worldwide attention as a major factor that shapes our lives both personal and professional. The Law of Attraction has been talked about in detail by many outstanding personalities and has found its way into many shows…

You Deserve Prosperity

As a professional speaker and a seasoned entrepreneur, I have experienced various challenges and various attitudes in my career. As a professional speaker, it warms my heart to see audiences come alive. When people truly “get it” and understand that they not only can but should be happy and prosperous, it is so rewarding. One of the things which gives me so much pleasure is knowing that I am providing value, inspiration and enjoyment to my audiences.

Freedom, Here I Come!

What do you want that you currently are not creating? Where are you living in limitation? Where do you say you want more freedom? Do you know how to go about creating this freedom? Read on…

Manipulating Freedom

Freedom is the essence and fundamental goal which lays at the heart of creating your Ultimate Lifestyle, your very best life; so let us take a moment to define what freedom really means and how you can apply that knowledge when on your Quest for the Ultimate Lifestyle. The meaning of Freedom is generally accepted as the possibility to: 1. Do what you want, 2.

How to BECOME MORE in Your Life

Do you know you can easily BECOME MORE in your life? This article will help you. This is a mental technique you can use immediately to begin to ‘tap into’ that incredible subconscious power you all have within you, but many of you haven’t yet used.

Be Different – Love Different – Success Will Naturally Follow

The week my father died he wanted to know why I was “so ‘different’ than most. I remember him saying the word “different” as if it were a cuss word, which was normal for my Dad. He was a very unhappy man who feared dying alone and I could understand why.

Live a Healthy Life – Emulate a Tree

Today there is a lot of talk of green ways of doing things, both for business and individuals alike. Whether it is to save the planet or for competitive advantage, the environment is front stage for most of us in some way or another. Trees are a big part of the mix, an essential element of the environment most would agree, but they also can serve as shining examples of how we can live healthier lives as well.

Abundant Life – Are You Meant to Prosper? How to Grab Hold of Your Growing Prosperity!

Do all the challenges of life leave you wondering if you’re really meant to prosper? Find out where you stand and how to grab hold of growing prosperity in your life!

Growing Prosperity – Do You Want to Overcome Defeat and Step Into the Abundant Life?

Have you been saying yes to the abundant life, but feel like defeat is at your doorstep? Don’t throw in the towel. Discover how to overcome defeat and bring growing prosperity into your life!

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