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Simple Answers to Create Peace in Midlife

Are you at wits end trying to accommodate all the family in your life? Are you involved in the decision making for several generations of your family? Here are some simple answers to put you back in control of your own life while still helping your family.

The Cosmic Law of Abundance and You

Everyone wonders if they could get more out of life. Many people want to believe that the universe will provide for them. The cosmic law of abundance is one of these beliefs. It is a very large belief and we will only graze the surface of it.

To Have Abundance, Start by Being Yourself

Have you ever felt out of alignment, living a life that did not fit you? If so, you were likely not being your true self. Your best chance of having abundance in life starts with being yourself – lumps and all.

I Hate My Job But Want More Money!

Do you have the feeling you are in the wrong job? Or maybe you create money but are always losing it? For some people, no matter how passionate they are or how hard they work, cannot get the results they need. Why is this? Understand this area and your wealth will dramatically increase!

The Underearner and Fear – Three Simple Steps to Deal With Fear

Fear is something underearners know well. Underearners are in fear of not earning enough; fear of being fired; fear of not finding another job; fear of changing jobs. It’s a very controlling emotion. When we give into fear it has us by the throat, and somehow it is very difficult to stop it from overtaking us. What does fear do for us? How can we get away from fear? Three simple steps to deal with fear.

Our New Heroes and Heroines – Socially Conscious Business

As the financial system continues to crumble, social entrepreneurs bring hope. They focus on increasing the quality of life, restoring the environment, and improving health. They are inspiring many to take action to bring forth a culture that can serve us and sustain our planet.

Abundance, Prosperity & Happiness Comes in Many Forms

There is plenty of abundance, prosperity and happiness for all of us to have in this world. No one will go without and you are not taking it from anyone else.

Power of Beliefs – Do You Struggle With Manifesting Money?

Raise your hand if you grew up hearing the message that money is hard to come by, the root of all evil, never enough, doesn’t grow on trees etc. I bet there are quite a few hands raised there! I know mine is. Look closely now, is this the message you still send yourself? Are you even aware that you do?

Emotional Abundance – The Economic Crisis, Our Most Wonderful Wake-Up Call!

Our happiness, joy, and abundance will no longer center on material pursuits, but rather will come from inside us individually. Learning how to access life’s new answers will be our greatest quest going forward, but the good news is that it can all be learned and practiced. Read below for the incredible step by step approach for creating personal and financial abundance in this new era.

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