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Massive Prosperity

What’s the best way to attract massive prosperity? If you knew, you’d already be doing it right? I’m going to suggest that most people have the formula right under their nose and don’t even know it.

The Key to Attracting More Money – R-E-L-A-X

I often hear this in the direct sales community and I used to think it was such hogwash. But it really is true. The times I have made the most money were when I was relaxed, not anxious and uptight! I didn’t sit there pushing for the sale, I allowed it to happen by staying relaxed.

Sustainability, Prosperity and Spirituality – Bringing Them All Together

For as long as I have been in business – 14 years now – I have seen many people who had the desire to impact people’s lives believe that it is an either/ or scenario. The limiting belief is either you do something that makes an impact OR you do something that will provide you with a good living. If you find you have a hard time reading about other people’s success, start blessing those people who have what you want. As you begin to do that, your will draw more success into your own life.

Want Versus Intent

What exactly is the difference between Desire & Intent? Well let’s start with “wants” and “desires” All people will understand what to want something means. Simply it means we would like to have something in our lives that we currently don’t have… But are you sure you know what to intend really means? Take a look to find out….

Do You Know How to Manifest Abundance?

Swanky car, palatial house, enough balance in the bank account and more are what dreams are made of usually. We struggle away seldom believing that we can possess everything we want. But New Age gurus assert you can actually attract to yourself every single thing you desire by learning how to manifest abundance.

Why Most People Will Never Be Rich

Believe it or not, people are not really willing to do what it takes to be rich. Many that get motivated end up giving up after a short period of time. The problem with people is that they want quick results. They want results right now. Sorry to tell you, but that doesn’t happen. Most successful people take years to get to where they’ve gotten…

Why Your Financial Self Image Matters

Creating a wealthy mindset is a process that begins with awareness and self-discovery. If we want things to change, we MUST change!

What Exactly is Holding You Back?

Declaring what you want, setting your goals, and making decisions to be wealthy, for example, often bring up your natural resistance in the form of “Yeah but.” Have you noticed? Your objections reveal your limiting beliefs.

Mindset – The Key to Wealth

It is an undeniable truth, that we can be operating the best online business opportunity, with the best products and services and be guided in our efforts by the finest internet mentors, but if our “THOUGHTS” are wrong we are likely to have mediocre success at best and fail at worst. Such is the power of our “MINDSET” in determining our online prosperity.

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