Put Rice And Sea Salt Here And See What Happens To Your Money Vibration

Is the Recession Over? How to Ignore ‘Good News’ and Stay Focused

I am breaking one of my rules – I hold a pretty low regard for the press’s sensationalising of news. Today, however, I am looking at the media and the influence they play.

Selfless Service and the Attraction of Wealth

Going the extra mile establishes a business on a strong spiritual foundation. It gives meaning to life by filling the void that we experience as a natural outgrowth of being self-centered.

Do We Live in a World of Abundance Or Scarcity?

The principle of scarcity states that in a world of limited resources there can be no place for aspiration to achieve. Presumably we should live in huts and embrace a life of privation and subsistence.

The Secret to Living Life With Unlimited Abundance and Happiness

You’re about to discover the blueprint to true success and happiness by embracing the law of love that was written into the hearts of men but ignored by many. If you have ever felt miserable, sad or angry at life for no apparent reason, or if your life just isn’t what you feel it should be, then this article may be just what you need to start living a happy and fulfilling life.

Learn to Attract What You Want

The Law of Attraction is real, and is used daily by many people. To these few who have created the habit of thinking abundantly without hesitation, life gives them what they ask of it. How can you join their ranks?

The Lost Art of Daydreaming

Everyone alive has had this ability, some have forgotten or lost it while and others use it everyday. Actually the Law of Attraction principal is completely dependent on daydreaming as it is used to know a future event in the ever present and this is the trick to using the Law of Attraction principal on a very powerful level.

Billionaires – Good Financial Habits in a Recession

There are disciplines and habits that are helpful to survive and even thrive in Recession. We can learn from the word of God and from examples of the extremely wealthy. I have brought to fore in this article some common principles that are both biblical and proven.

The Wealthiest Place Ever – Heaven

There is a place promised to be the wealthiest place ever to be seen or conceived. Again it is a place God has created for eternity, where He will prove Himself as the God of all wealth. Learn about this place and plan to be there. HEAVEN.

Prayers For Recovery and Restoration in Recession

Instead of analysing your situation or responding to your critics, why don’t you pray to God? The life of Job is an illustration of what God can do in restoring someone from the pits of Recession to new triumphs.

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