Put This Under Your Pillow And See How Fast It Comes To You

Abundance is Everywhere

Think and grow rich right? Not, exactly. It takes work. Dedication and a manic fixation on a long term goal.

Bill Gates is Not a Man to Be Resented, He is to Be Applauded!

One of the most hated men in America, and in fact the world, is Bill Gates. Do you hate him too? You shouldn’t.

How to Overcome Procrastination and Roll in Money

Procrastination is a negative force that has sends many to their untimely grave albeit uncelebrated. It beclouds the sense of reasoning and right judgment of an individual with the pictures of instant gratification, short-term results and perfectionist complex.

Manifesting Abundance Through Meditation

Meditation can pave the way to spiritual awakening and discovery. It is also often associated with spiritual self mastery and connecting to your higher self. People practice meditation to find inner peace and happiness.

Growing Prosperity – 3 Insights of What You See by Faith is What You Get in Abundance!

Are you still waiting around for abundance to be manifest in your life? If so, your vision and belief system may be stuck on “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Maybe it is time to take a look at “What you see by faith is what you get in abundance!”

The Grace of Gratitude

Throughout all of the writings on manifesting prosperity there is one common denominator – gratitude. We are told again and again that unless we are in a spirit of gratitude we cannot manifest what we truly desire.

Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive

Are you surprised how quickly the years pass – one moment you are gainfully employed with the family growing up and the next you suddenly find yourself on the verge of retirement from a job you have devoted many years to. As baby boomers, that is what our parents and their parents before them strove for – the gold watch after 20 years and all the loyalty in the world to the employer.

It Takes Practice to Reclaim Your Life

Once you have decided the changes you want to make in your life, it takes practice to implement the new actions and activities into your daily life. Daily check sheets, correctly used, are one way to do this.

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